Question about Nagflar

(VIctor Kautsuo) #1

Hello everyone!
Can someone tell me some tips where I can use specifically an Nagflar for doing PvE? It can be used for ratting in 0.0 Sanctums or sites like that? In which WH’s can be used and with what fit, what sites I should do in an WH with that ship?

(Olmeca Gold) #2

You can rat in nullsec in a dread, but it is risky and inefficient due to having to go in 5 minute siege cycles. Wormhole PvE is where dreads shine. You can use them solo in C5s and in a group in C6s, pretty much in any site in these classes of wormholes. When you warp capitals to wormhole anomalies they spawn additional NPCs for extra loot as well.