Progression to Dreads - Which ship?

Are Nags still the preferred PvE Dread in W-space?

I’m a returning player, after not playing for a very long time. I’m creating a new account that I want to progress up into eventually taking on wormholes. I’ll start in high-sec missioning, working my way up to a marauder, then skill out to dreads eventually to help out in wormholes.

Do I go down the Minmatar path with my trusty duct tape in hand?

go for caldeire they have missiles

This isn’t really a very good question. The ship you’re going to use for capital escalations in WHs depends an awful lot on the type of wormhole (the anomaly effects) and the doctrine of your corp. In a pulsar system you might be happy in a Naglfar, but in a Black Hole system there are advantages to the Phoenix.

You’re not going to want to use shields or missiles in a Wolf-Rayet system so that leaves the Revelation and the Moros.

The progression to dreads typically begins with a mullet…

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Naglfar is still the best solo dread for C5/C6 sites.
The Revelation can be great as well.

But most people just run 1 or two Paladins/Golems, cause you have far better chances to moonwalk.

what means moonwalk?

Leaving with style
aka retreating without loosing your ship.

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