Wormholes going down? possible?

I had an issue tonight that got me thinking… was too much of a coincidence for me to not come and ask this, as im not 100% sure… Is there any way(at all) that a player/corp in a Wormhole could have crashed the wormhole booting both my accounts from it/the game?

What do you mean, crashing the wormhole?

It is possible to close a wormhole (the gate-equivalent) intentionally by ‘rolling it’ - putting heavy ships through until it collapses.

Or are you talking about crasing the wormhole system? That you cannot log in to your character in that system, but can log in on an alt elsewhere?
I may be wrong, but I think that is unlikely to happen, and very unlikely initiated on purpose by players or corporations (unless the corporation puts thousands of characters in space).
Nodes can crash, although unlikely, taking the systems on that node down. If your system is on the same node as some other systems where heavy fights are happening, it can happen that all systems crash if the node is overburdened. Unlikely that a player or corp crashed your system on purpose though. But when this happens it’s only temporary and you will be able to log back in later.

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It looks like you posted this around server downtime. Are you sure you didn’t get booted for the downtime?

no, it was almost 2 hours prior to downtime…

To explain in more detail… 2 of my guys were cloaked in a WH… no targets for around 5+ hours while i watched some youtube eve related stuff… Next thing i know both my accounts are instantly kicked… i check… my internet is perfectly fine… discord still working flawlessly… takes me a minute to log back in, as soon as i do… on Dscan is a Praxis, Astero, Magnate, Hecate, and a Loki…

I’ve spent many many hours wormhole’ing… been kicked from the game before… but never have i seen it line up so perfectly like that… where nothing at all for many hours… then bam a ton of people right after im booted off the game and reconnect.

I brought this up to an ally corp of mine that lives in WH’s 24/7 and told me it seems really fishy. Best case scenario they live in the hole, saw me safety warp out upon disconnect and decided it was safe to undock 5+ ships within minutes of my disconnect. The hole in that theory i see is that WH’s have no local and me being cloaked for 5+ hours… i KNOW no one knew i was there… which leaves 2 things on the board that i can see… either the stars aligned so coincidentially perfect that they happened to ALL log in(after seeing them, they did live there) at the same time while i got disconnected… OR… they knew how to crash the WH/node somehow intentionally to boot any possible WH campers so they could see them/the ships on Dscan upon relog, if anyone was in the hole(from their perspective.)

Now i could just be trippin’ but the way it all went down was way too strange.

This just doesn’t make any sense.

They didn’t crash the node if you were the only person to DC.
I seriously doubt there was enough people to cause the node to crash.
Why would they intentionally try to crash the node to get rid of you if you’re certain they didn’t even know you were there?

Contrary to what the Jedi might assert, coincidences do happen.

It actually makes full sense, your comprehension of what i typed might be the underlying issue.

Third option: they were already logged in but cloaked, noticed you on d-scan when you disconnected and decided to uncloak as a reaction to disconnect - either to scare you or to bait you(r fleet) whenever you came back, or whatever it is wormhole people do.

You think it is too much of a coincidence that those people show up right after you disconnect, so there must be a relation to your disconnect and those people showing up. While it may be true that there is a relation, I find it much more likely that they showed themselves because they noticed someone disconnect on dscan, rather than somehow disconnecting you so they can fly in peace.

I considered that also… but the fast that i get disconnect and 1 minute later they are there… too slim of a timeframe to be a coincidence i feel.

Its possible everyone DC’d thats why i saw numerous other cloaky ships upon reconnecting a minute later… i never said me & my alt were the ONLY ones. lol

That’s why I said it may not be a coincidence… maybe it’s just a reaction to seeing you disconnect. Have you considered that?

Well if you suddenly had a target appear wouldn’t you jump on them too?

No one jumped anyone, nor was that said… LOL

So… they see 2 ships briefly on Dscan and then they disapear… so they assume a.) he left the hole. or b.) he disconnected.

No one instantly within 1 minute… undocks 5 ships upon seeing that.

They showed themselves after you disconnected.

I find it highly unlikely that they caused your disconnect so they could fly uncloaked. On the other hand, I find it very likely that a few cloaked ships uncloak and start baiting when they notice activity in their wormhole in the form of your ship uncloaking and disconnecting.

There are multiple possible explanations, try to go for the simplest one. Also see Occam’s razor.

If they didnt, i may assume that the whole WH crashed and thats also why i saw numerous cloaky ships, or everyone DC’d that was in the hole… Thats why im trying to get to the bottom of what happened.

You’d be an idiot to assume bugs & exploits arent found within every game including eve. So i decided to ask if it was at all possible…

Maybe everyone was logging back in after a system crash, and is that why you saw them on D-scan?

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I get what you are saying… but a WHOLE corp of wormholers i know agreed that theres was too many connections/coincidences for it to have been just me randomly DC’ing and they JUST HAPPENED to log in that exact minute…lol

Yes, I won’t claim that there are no bugs or exploits in EVE, but if there is a simpler explanation, why not stick to that?

This is the most likely scenario i believe…

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I think the point is that yes, it possible that the server/node/game/wormhole crashed and booted everyone. But it is highly unlikely that it was caused by a player or corp.