Yet another ninja nerf (or maybe buff?)

had a corpmate clear out an instrumental gas site and 8 battleships warped in instead of the regular 4. not only that but the 4 that remained (after losing 2 nestors) insta killed a guardian in 2 volleys. this was all in a c5 magnetar. so not only did they double the spawns in the gas sites, but they made the wormhole effects apply to the drifters inside.

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Owch I say

Ahhh, another one in a long list of recent changes that didn’t need to be done to this game.


You may want to bug report that just in case and make a ticket as well. Wormholes have had their share of bugs, but that doesn’t sound like how things should be.

That sounds like something that should always have been the case. Hell, considering how advanced the Sleepers are I would even accept them only having the beneficial effects apply to their ships.

i would too but just like the wormhole over mass change it, would have expected it to stay since it took them 5 years to ‘fix’ it.

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