Sneaky patch or something? 1 minute sleeper wreck

So whenever maintenance comes and the Launcher shows that green progress colour on the taskbar it always means there is an update…

Did something happen to the wrecks? Sleeper wrecks from Warzone Extraction now take a minute to lock on to, unless I am missing some info and they are supposed to take this long…

They had added a new wreck type on SISI, I’d assume these are them - did they nerf the salvage? I was surprised they had them drop sleeper salvage in the first place.

No solid information tho. So this “Adjustment” could mean anything. Would have been nice if we had numbers, because it went from seconds of lock to a whole minute, as well as a “Here is a reason why”

Also, this directly relates to Salvage rate, not “Lock” rate

I would assume “Salvage rates” would mean adjustment to the items recovered rather then lock time.

We’d need dev confirmation. In the mean time. Bug reports might be good to file just incase this thread is missed.

Yeah I did straight away, because at least without any proper information it makes no sense that only after a few days we are forced to lock a wreck for one minute. One thing for sure, salvaging the wrecks is a lot faster (less failures), didn’t notice a change on the items retrieved tho. Might have had the loot fairy on my side or something.

For me it’s always a crap shoot (Salvaging IV ) so when I get a good amount of nano’s I count my blessings.

You probably just a streak of luck with the RNG

Not so much when a wave of sleepers came, 2 battleships remained on grid after the first wreck spawned a wave of them, and by accident the very next wreck that I was approaching without noticing spawned another big wave of them, 4 battleships, no cap, passive tank, bye bye DNI, hello Gila, better than a passive tanked DNI lol

At least I got the objective almost done in one site lol

Depending on where you’re running a Tengu was a viable option. I haven’t really looked at the fittings since the changes to T3’s though so not sure if that’s still the case.

C4 space Snakes are more common (atleast… that’s what we use to find running sites often before they exploded.)

Yeah I am skilling up for a Tengu, just don’t know how the damage will be better applied since the Drake used Heavy missiles as well and the damage was quite poor, unless the Tengu has in nature more damage, cause so far just two drones from a Gila can outperform my Drake, just let the sleepers target them since the drones can tank them for days…

There is a known thing with Sleeper AI going for drones first now. Not sure what the status of it was, but it was a mentioned issue which halted alot of people ratting due to constant loss of Geckos

It was the fact that whenever you pull them out they will aggro to them, but supposedly when you pull them back in and then out they should take a while longer till they aggro back to them.

Did they refund the geckos for this issue too or did they just refund the Caedes for that one guy that lost it in a legit way? Cause after the “tweak” they made to fix the overview and stuff Sleepers have been removed from the default overview, forcing me to add them manually lol

I haven’t heard of the issue being corrected. I don’t they reimburse unless we report an issue in a bug ticket.

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