Do wormholes need balancing?



In the nicest possible way, you’re ■■■■ mate. More often than not we end up holding DPS on targets so that they can form response fleets, I kid you not. If you can’t form up in the time It takes us to put multiple rorqs into panic then you shouldn’t have them out in the first place. “But reeeeee we blued everyone in all directions for three whole regions to avoid PVP and now WHers cheat and get into our krab space and force us to PVP!” Maybe you should, I don’t know, learn how to play the game?


CCP, I NEED you to let me krab harder. No one can touch me anymore due to perfect intel from local except these stupid wormholers, I NEED to be perfectly safe at all times in pvp nullsec. Unsubbed.


Rage rolling does not get you to target systems. I’ve only ever heard of that one time ever, and it took literally hundreds of rolled holes and many many hours of the entire fleet sitting around. No one rolls thera holes other than v0lta due to the dangerous nature of the system, and even then eve scout has a public bookmark folder of the current thera holes at all times.

If I may, have you tried not AFKing in your carriers when ratting? Maybe checking dcan and signatures instead of not paying attention?

WH rolling and the new filaments are the only current counter to krabbing, stop trying to make eve a pve game.

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I’m sorry but I thought it was an obvious assumption that by targeting, he meant since there are so many null statics in Thera specifically, it takes little time to drop into the null location you want or to get extremely close. Not to mention the NPC stations in there means you don’t even need to place your own structures. There is no risk hardly and it’s a huge upper hand advantage that is one sided. Since wasn’t obvious to many here, I don’t even think many here know how this entire process works.

My suggestion was to just cut the Thera (NULL only statics) in half. This change wouldn’t effect other legitimate game play in any way and they can still do their thing just as often as they want. It just wouldn’t be so easy to roll into the area they want too daily.

so many
cut in half

So, 1.5 in result?

I don’t think anyone should take suggestions from someone who knows as little as you. Suggesting reducing the number of null statics, but you don’t even seem to know how many null statics we have to begin with. No risk you say? The risk is from constantly going to other people’s space and fighting groups that out number us and have capital and super capital superiority. Imagine talking about risk when you live in null, are blue to everyone, and want to nerf any of the last remaining groups that pose any sort of threat to you.


So for funsies I actually napkin mathed this, and came up with 6 and a half hours to land within 5 jumps of a specific system on average, and that’s; with 3 seperate rolling teams doing nothing but rolling so not sending out tackle to check.

Sadly the SoE titan we keep hidden in thera is currently on an inactive account so we can’t use its DD to generate a WH to specific systems atm.

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Wibble wobble wibble wobble wormhole goes wibble wobble.



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First anyone who suggests you can:

roll into the area they want too daily

and that

There is no risk hardly

doing so in Thera has clearly never been to or through Thera in anything other than a large fleet transiting from Null to Null. Literally no one (with the exception of Volta perhaps) rolls holes in Thera. WTF are you talking about?

there are so many null statics in Thera specifically, it takes little time to drop into the null location you want or to get extremely close.

I live in a wormhole and make boosters so regularly need to get to specific constellations in different regions of null for my cytoserocin variants. There are times I literally have to shut down production of certain boosters as it can take up to a week or two sometimes to get a connection to where I need to be.

So since you are so much better at Eve, tell me what I’m doing wrong then…?

My suggestion was to just cut the Thera (NULL only statics) in half.

I think you will find the most opposition to this will come from Null secc’ers who actually PVP. Removing Null to Null connections from Thera and Drifter holes will reduce PVP in null more than it affects most WH’lers IMHO.

I don’t even think many here know how this entire process works.

I think its clear that its you that has no idea what you are talking about.


crab wants the last bit of risk of living in deep 0.0 to be removed. What a surprise.

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I’m just posting here so I can write …
… I’m just posting here so I can write. :blush:

The chance a rolling group will roll directly into your system is 0.03%. If you include a couple nearby systems that’s still below 1%. Anywhere else and you got enough time to get safe.


  • don’t live in “dangerous” space. There is 0.0 that’s considered garbage by wormholers and they roll it on contact (some of the new groups don’t, but they will learn)
  • don’t be afk and watch intel/ local/ signatures
  • use wormholes to hunt yourself. Good way to save 40+ jumps and avoid intel/ gatecamps.
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you have no clue about wh-mechanics

your tears are my fuelblocks…

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Easy counter giphy

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I thought that null security space meant there was no laws there. Shows what I know.

u r a bad

Sounds like they were better equipped and more organized than you in space that’s not meant to be safe. I see no problem with them killing you.