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Would having new wormholes not revive any mass for the first 10/15 minutes of life be broken? Giving them a minimum life time.

WH evictions atm are broken and for the groups in the wrong end can really ruin the game and break groups apart. It is part of living in WH space I know but watching your stuff burn and not been able to do anything about it or play your game for a week wrecks corps and I have seen people stop playing as a result.

I guess my reason for suggesting this is been on the wrong end recently, but to be fair I have been in both sides and still think this will give defenders a bit more hope of actually getting help. The attackers will need to work harder for their loot.

The negatives are obviously rage rolling would be less effective, but groups could open the static of the static, effectively the same as rolling and opening a new static, bit more scanning involved but easy enough to adjust to for groups looking for content, just a bit more effort involved.
How many WHs could a dedicated group open in 10/15min? A few I recon.

NS statics getting rage rolled bit tougher as there won’t be another static but I think it a fair trade to having a guaranteed K space entrance (others might not agree).

Closing a hole for ratting probably not affected that much as the holes will prob already be passed the initial 10/15 min of massless jumping.

Biggest prob maybe is the amount of caps that could enter a system in the 1st 10/15 min could be unlimited but they won’t all get back if they go to pew pew and would have to keep finding new holes to leave but seeding could be a problem… maybe, 10/15 min is not long to organise a fleet of caps and rage rolling for a specific hole already made harder.

Could make some interesting situations for the bigger groups fielding caps against each other.

Holding hole control 24/7 would be a lot more difficult and involve a lot more work and coordination, not impossible but hard.

Anchoring structures harder too.

It would enable smaller groups get help when needed the most, and most WH groups are not that big really, whilst providing more of a challenge for larger groups to evict people, and possibly create more WH pew pew.

Yes WHs are supposed to be tough, dangerous and generally punishing to live in or not lived in at all but we do and we enjoy it.
I don’t think this would make them safe at all, but give people a chance to fight back when there might have been none before, also force people to look further than their static hole for content.

I’m not sure you’ve completely thought this through?

If the ‘defender’ is unable to maintain control of WHs in ‘their’ system, how would increasing the length of time a WH hangs around for increase the chances of a successful defense?

AFAICT you’re making it easier for the attacker to move their assets in (in the instance they’re able to maintain WH control) as now when they roll & scan down the ‘new’ entry they can push through as many dreads/carriers/battleships/freighters/etc of stuff as they like.

In the instance where the ‘defender’ is able to maintain WH control, well they’re able to control who/what comes in or out, so ‘unlimited mass’ for 5-10mins isn’t going to make a difference… possibly some more BS kills as the ‘attackers’ attempt to seed assets in system… but in either scenario I do not think your proposal provides the benefits you are hoping for.


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When an ‘attacker’ moves in they will move in or already seeded enough ships and pilots to maintain hole control by putting mass on the holes to crit them and door stepping the holes with a BS on the other side ready to close it immediately if anyone leaves/tries to enter.

If a static gets rolled the new one will be scanned and rolled/door stepped within minutes resetting the situation.

This prevents any traffic in or out of the system not sanctioned by the attackers.

If here is a few minutes where the hole can’t be rolled/massed defenders will have a chance for friends to enter.

It’s easy for attackers to bring in any assets they like now with current mechanics if they control the holes so a minimum life would not change this or make it easier.

If the defenders can hold hole control now with current mechanics they have a good chance of not been evectied but attackers will have enough in system to prevent this.

If the defenders are unable to fight off the group controlling the WHs in the system, what makes you think that jumping anything into them will survive? Sure they may need to increase the effort to maintain WH control (more pilots/ships in space) but the end result will be just like it is now.

I understand the point you’re making, I just don’t think it will end up working out like you want.

Edit: and with things as they currently stand, you just need a frigate WH to spawn in system, and you can get ‘friends’ in through there.


The idea is to get people in give them ships and have the man power to fight, for hole control or for structure timers.
Easy to say defenders should fight but when facing odds tipped the other way significantly it’s really a one way trip to Jita, with no way back in the hole achieving nothing.

Yes the frig hole is a boon but can’t be relied upon.

Your trying to balance the game because fights with equal numbers does not happen. We cannot and should not balance the game for this reason ever as it would break the game. If you expect a fair fight you came to the wrong game.

I owned a HOLE … was eveicted last days so, THX CCP …I quit !!! Bye Bye… lived in WH - space for long time

If you have any stuff left, can I have it? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

You quit because you got evicted once? Perhaps wormhole space is not for you. Try nullsec, or lowsec instead.

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You cant blame CCP for that, other players evicted you.

You can’t blame CCP for that, it’s kinda part of living in WH.
But it is tough to deal with if not prepared for and I have known a few people stop playing cos of it, and that is half my point.
If it makes people leave the game I can’t see how it’s good for EVE.

Someone else already has it, would have dropped from his forti.:wink:

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Given that wormholes don’t exist on the other side until someone goes through them, I kinda doubt this would affect anything. Wouldn’t you just scan the hole, wait 15m until it becomes normal, and then roll it?

If you mean 15m after the K162 opens then yeah, it just lets the attackers shove more stuff in, I feel like they have the advantage because they’re prepared and ready whereas the defenders have to form up and decide if they want to take the advantage or not. It’s like kiters vs brawlers, whoever has initiative just runs away.

All I can really see is someone really desperately trying to get out past the rollers and then the rollers can just bubble the hole. I’m kinda struggling to see what the point is here.

You cant “own” a WH, you only can live in one.

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