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hello, I would like to suggest, do really useful wh residents to choose a home station, if you die in your system you can resurrect your station, it will improve your chances of fighting and not be afraid of being thrown out of the system after the killing, thank you for thinking about it.

What you’re asking for are to permit Medical/Jump Clone usage in Clone Bays at Upwell POSes in WHs. This would make it virtually impossible to expand/invade/take over already occupied wormholes. This would also make wormholes safer to too great of an extent even though they’re not supposed to be safe (it’s why asset safety isn’t a thing and reinforcement timers are shorter).

Absolutely not.


This would strand players in wormhole systems with no means to get out.

Also part of the whole point of wormhole mechanics is that if you die you’re expelled back to Kspace. All PvP has this consequence in wormhole space. It’s a limiting factor in defence. It would be near impossible to evict someone from their wormhole if this change were implemented.

You mean besides begging :crazy_face:

This idea is beginning to have merit!!

@Salt_Foambreaker you’ve been acting goofy lately. Have you become a pansy? Or worse… a Hek-poors carebear miner?

After begging comes bribes :moneybag:

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