WH Quality of Life Improvments

I do have to agree with some sentiments that Wornholers tend to be treated as second-class citizens when it comes to game balancing and other mechanic changes. It seems that Null and High Sec get all the attention, but i have a couple simple ideas…

  1. If your corp/alliance has a structure in a WH with a clone bay, allow it to be set as a home station, so if you get podded in the WH, you spawn in that structure. Outside of the WH, you would spawn at your starting school.

  2. Asset Safety…If your corp/alliance has multiple structures in a WH, they use the same in-system Asset Safety rules as everyone else, were player assets transfer to nearby friendly structure in the same system

When CCP were adding the new structures to the game, they asked the wormholers what we wanted from the structures and how they should work. We (as in wormholers) wanted to keep certain mechanics the same even with the new structures

  1. No medical-clones in w-space. That is how it has always been in w-space and how it should stay. It changes the tactics you use as you cannot just rely on having people respawn in the system. It makes podding make sense.

  2. Wormholers themselves asked for no asset safety. CCP were thinking of adding it, but aswe had never had a system of saving assets, it made attacking and defending much more meaningful. CCP agreed and kept asset safety as a known space -only feature.


Confirming these are two things that the wormhole folks expressly told ccp they didn’t want.


No, we don’t want any of that, the reasons being:

  • Medical clone inside WH would make evictions unbalanced with residents having a great advantage
  • Asset Safety in WHs: no, just HTFU.
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Wander and/or Diachi, can either of you link your sources for the Wormholers being asked about Medical Clones and Assets Safety, and not wanting it. I have been in WH’s and Null, both before and After citadels were introduced and don’t recall being asked my thoughts on the matter.

As for my reasoning behind my suggestion, it is sort of an extension of the WarDec changes that are intended to reduce “griefing”; my suggestion is to reduce WH “griefing”.

I’ll see if I can find the recording of the roundtable that wormholers had with CCP.


I think I found it: https://soundcloud.com/fuzzysteve/may-27-structures-roundtable-2
Go to 26 minutes.

Thank you for providing the link. i started listening at around the 25 minute mark and listened for about 10 minutes. I heard discussions about better freighters to get stuff out of WH’s and some mention about the proposed Asset safety. It sounded like the original plan was to have a version of Assets safety where content from a destroyed citadel would go into a “Journal” and could be reclaimed when a new structure was deployed. I DID NOT hear the wormholers (i think there was only two talking) say they didn’t want it, i DID however hear concerns about getting stuff back after a citadel was destroyed. There was no mention at all about medical clones in WH’s. I only listened to about 10 minutes, i didn’t have time to listen to the whole thing

I find it ironic that a couple months ago i was reading a discussion about how easy WH evictions are. This was coming from someone who stated that they had participated in WH evictions. Yet, when i suggest something that would help with improve WH life (and I’m not really suggesting anything too crazy) the replies i get are “we don’t want that” and “it will make evictions too hard” and HTFU

BTW, from what i recall hearing the that linked round table, CCP was originally planning a form of Asset Safety for WH’s.

Here is where all the WH feedback took place first:

WH evictions are only easy if citadels are low powered and there is no defense fleet, AKA abandoned systems. It is also easy if the attackers have 1000+ characters of course.

Ask any WH corp if it easy or fun to evict a WH corp just for the loot if the system has a proper defense.

Edit: here is more proof that WH evictions are far from easy, if you really need it.

Notice that Shekel corp imploded right after this event.

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