Make Wh lively again

Hello in the last eve vegas you was speaking about giving more possibility to WH space.

But for having more people who use wh like a shortcut to go in a remote place, more farming possibility, living possibility in WH we may need more than that.

More static in WH is a very good idea but we can still control those static with easily so well having more static can be fun C4-C5-C6 having static NS or LS can be really fun for a lot of thing,

More regular hole can be a pretty good idea to but we will need 5 maybe 6 more time of then because farming people can collaps these hole pretty quickly

Maybe these two idea can be fun together

A nullsec structure who give a WH in a system can be a good possibility to for small medium and large alliance to find people who farm in another region or WH ?

A full faction sleeper ? giving more utility to WH gas and salvage = more people who want farming wh so more possibility and pvp

For C5-C6 maybe static who can be use by a super carrier or a titan that’s maybe fun to see and with this type of ship in WH we will have more people who will hunt them.

Wandering ice belt in WH ? and why not in all of eve ?

I was thinking about that another way of giving more possibility for the wh car be to open the C2 to C6 for freighter these ship can be prod in a raitaru and use large ship rigg so this is normal they can use large WH :slight_smile:

bump :slight_smile:

This guy maybe hard to understand but he’s not wrong, oh and bring back the mine!

Whilst not overly a bad idea i dont think changing the systems people live in are as good as adding a small amount of new systems with more exits than others.

That way at least you dont just ruin wh space because nullbears are convinced all wh space is super profitable…

You know theres no asset safety in wh right? take asset safety away from null and im on board with this :smiley:

they need to fix c4’s and tbh c1 and c2 probably could do with a little help because they really do seem mostly devoid of life - not sure how to fix that as theyre supposed to be ‘starter’ wh type systems but someone has suggested decreasing materials in higher classes (because of over farming) and perhaps increasing drops in lowclass… im sure theres a balance somewhere… but lets be honest here; no matter the class, wormhole space IS wormhole space, the only thing that gets harder are the sites.

Living is pretty much the same from low to high… except lowclass is easier to get too… and more often has pirates in… tbvfh… its probably the harder space to live in because of that lol

Anyway just 2 cents from me :slight_smile:

Defo should have random comets, hell maybe even a permanent one that you can see in space when its in region or something.

Wh was more funny before because after the nerf of capital escalation lot of people leave these system a small corp will have hard time living in high classe and be able to do enough isk for pvp.

add new system will bring nothing that’s what they do with the shattered WH and these system are empty because you cannot live in.

So yes personnaly i think it’s better having more connexion and more possibility in these WH like that you can maybe having people who farm and pvp in WH and don’t have pvp Wh people who must farm in some rented nullsec because they cannot do isk in wh …

it’s sure high classe WH is good for doing isk but only for very small corpo because you must often wait 5-6 day anomaly repop so yes for One shoot isk i the better but for living and pvp it’s not possible

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