Make Wh lively again

Hello in the last eve vegas you was speaking about giving more possibility to WH space.

But for having more people who use wh like a shortcut to go in a remote place, more farming possibility, living possibility in WH we may need more than that.

More static in WH is a very good idea but we can still control those static with easily so well having more static can be fun C4-C5-C6 having static NS or LS can be really fun for a lot of thing,

More regular hole can be a pretty good idea to but we will need 5 maybe 6 more time of then because farming people can collaps these hole pretty quickly

Maybe these two idea can be fun together

A nullsec structure who give a WH in a system can be a good possibility to for small medium and large alliance to find people who farm in another region or WH ?

A full faction sleeper ? giving more utility to WH gas and salvage = more people who want farming wh so more possibility and pvp

For C5-C6 maybe static who can be use by a super carrier or a titan that’s maybe fun to see and with this type of ship in WH we will have more people who will hunt them.

Wandering ice belt in WH ? and why not in all of eve ?