Let's make W-Space better

  1. Changing the frigate wormholes: remove the regen of the wormhole mass and reduce its throughput so that no more than 50 small ships can enter it in total. The main thing is that the players have the opportunity to close this wormhole if it interferes with them, within a reasonable time.

  2. Change the profit from the avengers so that it makes sense to use the capital ships (100kk from one avenger, for example).

  3. Make different versions of the drifter for c5 and c6 classes (use the current drifter for c5, and make a stronger and more expensive one for c6, so that it is more profitable to use capital ships)

  4. This is not really about wormholes, but I do not want to create a separate topic: make a new light citadel that will be installed and removed within one hour, it will have less opportunities for equipment and protection than usual, (like control tower) but it will give new opportunities for small teams.

  5. (although it should have been done first) Remove the ability to exit from W-space to Pochven using filaments

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TL;DR #CCPlease let me krab in perfect safety and on top of that make that activity even more profitable.

Not even gonna bother to comment…

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Let everyone crab more safely then there will be more content in W-space.

If they are safer, there is not more content.

How can you be safe in W-space when anyone can open up to you at any time?

Okay, here’s the monkey’s paw concession I’ll agree to on being able to roll frigate holes with 50 ships. Doing so has the chance to spawn two new frigate holes each with increasingly more difficult scan complexity.

Difficulty only scales within the system, so a point is reached where if there are too many frigate holes, new ones can’t be scanned down by the rage rollers yet they can still be discovered wherever the connections eventually end up).

I’d rather see them try adding a deployable system filament jammer than outright block them. If you have hole control you can prevent trapped rollers or structure evacuees from using filaments.

Provide something to fight over if folks want to use their yeet tokens in wormholes.

No, we dont need to make it easier for people to seal themselves off, also its a frigate hole the biggest thing they can bring in are destroyers and if you have capital support (since you talk about using capitals in your later points) you should be able to take on a decent number of frigs and dessies.

WHs already have enough income as is especially high class, maybe make the lower class WHs a little more worth it instead.

How about we just give the C6 Drifter its doomsday back.

Literally has been talked to death since citadels with no progress that we know of.

Maybe explain why you think this is a problem

ok ill stay cloaked/logged off until you get bored and leave then use it.

  1. There is a big difference between 50-100 frigates (destroyers) or 300. Well, the possibility of closing the wormhole should still be.

2-3. You can return the doomsday to the drifter and make the avengers stronger, but only so that the profit increases then, so that it is profitable for players to use capital ships.

  1. The problem is that any player can safely exit to hisec after 15 minutes, instead of going through wormholes according to the mechanics of w-space, where he will be at risk.

What situations are you specifically referring to because you cant use a filament if you have a combat timer so its not like players can get in a fight and just vanish if they start losing.

Still got to blow up the structure first to use the filament in that wormhole.

Could even make it meddlesome to deal with (e.g. give it a 48 reinforcement window like a mobile depot and just as cheap as a depot).

Pretty confident if they did decide to make such a deploy-able it would be like most of the ones that exist that expire in a relatively short time. Also the point shouldn’t be to add more timers in this game we have enough of those.

I mean a situation when other players do not want you to leave the system (for example, when the system is under siege). There are cases when a ship closes a wormhole behind it and instantly leaves through the filament without even giving a theoretical opportunity to catch itself.

you do realize you can anchor a mobile depot and they cannot filament within 1000 km of it right. If things are happening on a WH just drop on within 1k km of it and they cannot just jump out.

This is already an attempt to adapt to this situation. Then why not just make a filament immediately from W-space or null-sec to high-sec ? Or you can even make a button in the dock so that you can move all your property to Jita.

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Why all your property, I thought you were talking about catching rollers.

The point of these was to make sure you couldn’t do that limiting a groups ability to cut them self off from the rest of the game and create a mostly safe space.

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