Some Ideas for Wormhole Space

So, as many of you guys know the game right now isn’t totally healthy and needs more stuff to die. Wormhole space is no exception to this, and while it may be doing better then other parts of the game, it still needs more content. I am by no means a expert in wormhole space (I have only lived here for about a year) and I know a lot of wormholers have different views, I wanted to present and maybe have you guys discuss these two ideas.

Instead of doing something stupid like nerfing rolling, I have two major ideas to make more isk get lost in wormhole space.

Idea 1: A New Class of Wormholes:

What if we made a new class of wormholes that was, for this example, class 7. These wormhole systems would be rare, anywhere between 10-20 of them. They would always be connected to another C7 along with two other types of systems (example C7-C7/C5/C2).

They would have extreme versions of our current wormhole effects, roaming drifter fleets, wouldn’t be able to put down structures in them, and most importantly infinite mass connections to each of their statics (or at least extremely high mass). Some cool things about these holes would be:

  • Drifter fleets or solo drifters that spawn in the holes will be able to roam chains

  • Ratting or mining/huffing in the holes would be extremely profitable but would be dangerous since its impossible to roll the connections

  • Large groups could connect to each other via these holes and have even larger fights because of the mass

  • Could put a wildcard on eviction defense/attack and hole control

Idea 2: Drifter Evictions:

A random incursion would pop up from system to system. It would make ratting and mining in the system impossible, and there would be small drifter groups camping the holes in the system (but still small enough so you can fight and get backup in if needed). The difficulty and rewards scale with class, but if you do not complete and destroy the eviction and their staging (CCP make a cool hive looking thing hat you have to kill) then they will start shooting your structures, eventually killing them if no defense is formed. The drifters will drop good loot and the hive will drop a load of blue loot and a valuable gas or material that can be harvested to maybe make drifter ships at a later date or something along those lines.

I left both of these ideas pretty lose. Please provide feedback and any ideas you have to improve wormhole space, it is greatly appreciated!

No on both. We dont need more WH systems and as for evictions WHers do that to each other often enough as is.

Ironic spelling error. I dont see how either idea really changes content that much. More systems that cannot be settled will just be ignored. And wh space doesn’t need more npc content

A simple potential change would be upping the spawns of random wh connections.

Like most of eve however the key balance is between pvp and pve. You want to have enough pve incentive for people to want to live in wh space and afford to pvp.

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Wouldn’t you class a shatter wormhole as a C7, there are rare and have some of the best resources in the game, you can’t claim them as there’s no planets or moons to anchor too.

Yes, but idk if it would be too OP if you could move into them because lack of rolling could make it hard to move into. I also think dual class C6 holes could be beneficial

Well I guess a Scattered is meant to be hard.

Hi Zander,

First up, I want to say it’s great to see someone making suggestions for wormhole space. Don’t worry about the trolls and haters. Those are some nice ideas with pros and cons. Personally, I like both ideas - they add some richness and could be a lot of fun.

I am one of many players who love wormhole space, having lived there for 9 years myself with friends. I’ve seen many changes: some for good and others for bad. CCP seem to be very naive when it comes to what wormholers actually want or need to enhance their game play.

Wormholers have it better than ever now in terms of ease of living due to the new structures. However the high end sleeper sites were ruined some time ago. There was a time when you had to deploy >20b in cap ships to run sites. Now you can do it with cheap battleships with MJDs plus Astras for Drifter farming. It’s now safe, boring, and utterly broken. This single idiotic blunder took a big spark of life out of wormhole space - replacing high risk and high reward with dullness and removing a shed load of natural PvP opportunities. I believe the CCP devs nowadays have either not worked there long enough to remember this golden era and what was lost or are more concerned with k-space. The biggest concern is that they wont acknowledge this - cutting off their noses to spite their face. You’d think subscriptions mattered to them haha!?

Wormholes could use some love, and some interest. I’d start with fixing high end sites, but also spicing up low end ones. More risk and more reward is the recipe we need imho.

I also love the idea of high AI for drifters that actually ‘do stuff’ to players. We already have drifter bosses in C5/C6s that roam about the system. However we need to make them clever enough not to get stuck in bubbles for citadels to kill. I’d also like to see them reinforcing structures such as POS sticks and citadels that attack them! Down with Astra farming!

So far we’ve not seen sleepers jumping wormholes, but that would be very cool. Encouraging players to do PvE on wormholes also brings back some much needed risk - promoting PvP opportunities. We could do with some weaker sleepers warping about and not just bosses, and in all classes.

I always thought it would be nice to have some T3 weapon systems brought into game. We have T3 cruisers, but we know that sleepers have their own weapons and cool tech. Why should we not be reverse engineering these?? Make T3 goo rare but highly sought after. Encourage fortune hunters to explore and hunt down sleepers outside of sites. There you go CCP - easy richness to add, that will get industrialists and fortune hunters streaming into w-space. Not that hard really!

Anyways, as I say you will get haters posting in threads like this. I often think it’s human nature to fear change but it’s the visionaries who make the world (RL and EvE haha!). I’d encourage anyone with ideas to do so, and hopefully this will give CCP the nudge they need to show wormhole space some long overdue love.

Nice post Zander.

Over and out…

ISK Lord o7

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