Wormhole improvements

So Equinox is around the corner, bringing a lot of changes and new gameplay mechanics to Nullsec.

I’m wondering, why has been Wormhole space basically static in the past 7 years or so?
Hole dwellers like myself deserve some love too.

The sleeper storyline could be continued.
Colonization attempts similar to Thera might be interesting, some new systems with an NPC station or two. I think the Sansha shattered wormhole idea could be expanded on too.
Wandering wormhole mission agents? They could show up in a random system as a COSMOS agent and stay for a few days.

Just a few things from the top of my head. I’m sure the CSM could come up with something fun to lobby for.

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but why only Nullsec what about Low and Highsec… and what about updating PI

lot of changes my ass. A new structure that automatically collects PI so you don’t need to epithal between planets is one of the stupidest things I’ve seen in a while. Half the reason PI makes money is 1/3 of the playerbase being too lazy to manage it properly…making that part easier will just tank the value of it.
Also removes the risk associated, and reduces a lot of hunting opportunities to catch epithals and such.

Now, PI collection can be botted even easier, giving a substantial benefit to NullSec’s already thriving botting community that CCP is too chicken ■■■■ to ban else they would cancel/charge-back subscriptions earned through RMT.

Still waiting for the SOE - rogue drone storyline from the SOE epic arc to get a continuation.

and drifter wormholes to get the long-promised industry recipes that make use of antikythera materials,

A mechanics rework for WH space is a bit overdue though. Maybe make a wormhole going VOC automatically lowering its remaining life to 30 minutes or something along those lines – too often for large C5 pve fleets to VOC all their holes and the only way to get a fleet that is capable of fighting them is to roll into them from a fresh hole.
Something to interact with rage rolling would be nice to. Maybe bring back drifter incursions to invade a hole that has one or more of its statics rolled 5+ times within an hour would be a fine change of pace to keep things interesting, or a low chance for the static to instead spawn 5 WH connections (including 1 of the statics) that instantly open on the other side… there are options.

Or go PvE route and have WH anomolies give SoE quest escalations that last 30 days – make hunting for specific J-space with mission space areas of sleepers that drop notably increased amounts of blue loot and chances for virtue blueprints… or other rewards that are targeted to WH life.

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