Different wormhole info text when it has 15 minutes of life left


It’s all good when it comes to exploration, the risk factor works for the exploration feels.

It’s a completely different story when you own a wormhole system and this is the side of things I come from with making this thread and same proposition in the QoL thread.
If you know only the solo exploration side and you have no constructive criticism for this idea then please kindly back off.

For me it’s completely terrible to wait up to 4h for a hole to collapse and it did happen even with a guy dedicated to our wh system in our corp. And this is just rolling stabbers and HS static, worst which can happen is an HS island behind some lowsec systems. Imagine this with a nullsec static or other wormhole static and using battleships to roll. I absolutely see no merit for how this looks like now with no additional warning closer to wormhole collapse time.

Thank you for your attention. BTW it doesn’t have to be exactly 15 minutes, I’m happy with whatever significant time after the 4h one.

The proposed change would also affect people interacting with WH in different ways (not just solo explorers btw). Is just rude of you to ask for them to omit their input/feedback.

And it seems to me that you are well aware that your proposal takes away a bit of uncertainty that is part of the appeal to other players.




Do you understand that living in worm holes was completely unintended?

You complain about the inconvenience of living in a worm hole like someone complaining about the inconvenience of putting on a suit to go for a walk outside the space station…

You aren’t meant to know when a hole is about to collapse. You aren’t really meant to live there.

Now, well done you for cutting a living out of wormhole space, really. And well done everyone for figuring out masses and how to roll holes. But don’t make WH space something it isn’t. Don’t take away what makes WH special in the name of convenience.

If you do, you will regret it i promise.


As someone who has been living in wh for over a decade at this point the problem is that it’s become to easy, no longer has any real risk and there is no mystery or surprises left even for brand new players.

CCP needs to shake up whs not make them simpler.

I am abs have always been in the camp that statics should be removed, whs should have nothing more than visual/ audio cues to tell you there status and being trapped should be possible (a wh should be able to go up to 4hrs before a guaranteed connection. )

WHs were best when living in them was something you had to work for. Where you did it not because it was easy, hell in the beginning it wasn’t even profitable over day tripping. You did it for the challenge.

WH today have turned into a safe haven rather than a risk filed environment.

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