Wormholes got a mention


For once, W-Space got an update…

Da-FUQ ???

" Wormholes

  • Frigate wormhole lifetimes reduced from 16 hours to 4.5 hours for E004, L005, Z006, M001, C008, G008 and Q003 type wormholes
    • Spawn rate for roaming wormholes of these types was also reduced to prevent them from appearing too frequently."

I’d love to know how this is supposed to give some love to W-Space, never mind how it got into the patch…

… Any Idea’s ???

Bad players were crying about frig holes about a year ago.

Guess they finally got listened to?


dunno about “Bad” players Bud…

This feels like the start of something that is NOT gonna benefit Wormholes…

Time will tell I guess.

Trust me, the dude in question was a bad player.

Ask Brisc :smiley:

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