A little change to Wormholes

I might be barking up the wrong tree here but I think wormholes could use a change to them. As it stands now the holes that aren’t occupied end up hogging a ton of signatures and anomalies, whilst those that are occupied are often enough running for scraps.

I would like to suggest that CCP develops a function that determines the activity in a wormhole and if it is classified as “inactive” cut the spawn rate of new signatures and anomalies in half, do the same for the life duration timer on the signatures and anomalies in system.

One way to approach this would be to see if there are more then 10 characters from the same corporation currently sitting in the wormhole, online or not, and see if at the least one character has been online daily for a period of one week. If so, then the hole could be designated as “active” and keep the current timers on signatures and anomalies. If not then cut the timers and spawn rates in half.

Just my 2 cents. :grinning:

So if a hole is inactive lets make it even harder to get into it and to make use of it? That seems counter intuitive.


The difficulty for occupying a new hole is increased by a minimal amount, don’t forget that it only takes one week for things to change to “normal”, which imo isn’t that much time. Anyone rage-quiting before that time wouldn’t have been living in a wormhole for an extended time anyway.

Why? What does this accomplish?

Also this is a deliberate feature of WH’s if you mean only the combat sigs/anoms. So that WH residents have to travel outside their current hole

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The point of this is to stop inactive systems from hogging all signatures and anomalies and having active systems running around for the left over scraps.

Run sites in the holes you are connected to, not in home. Sites in your home system are only good for bait.


Pretty much this.

Don’t burrow away in your own little hole away from everyone else.

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I have the feeling this is to increase spawn-rate and reduce rolling effort for wormhole connections next to your home hole.

The whole point of living in wormhole is to explore. You are supposed to be scanning down your chain to see what is there. On top of that, you choose your statics for a reason, you shouldn’t be hauled up in your hole for everything. You make it sound like you want to live in LS/NS where you see someone on d-scan and run and hide in your citadel…

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No, if you need more sites then scan down your chain and get moving. Wormhole space isn’t a place for spoon fed content. You should seek your content if you want it.

So much hate for such a small change. It’s not like this will change the core of how wormholes work, just improves life within one ever so slightly. I don’t see how this minor change would hurt anyone.

There is a time to farm and a time to get out in the chain. WH life is very much about making use of AVAILABLE resources. So if your out of sigs and anoms then its time to go explore and let your home hole repopulate. Take a prospect to C5 space and huff some high isk gas take an astero to null and steal some relics lol take a frig to FW lowsec and get a fight. I like to farm and make isk as much as the next person but WH life is very much about time and place. Your post comes across like whining about not being able to stay at your home WH 24/7 365 and farm unlimited sites. WH space has never been about that I’m sorry. It is simply a fact.


Haruka this isn’t hate it is feedback on your idea. Some of the best money I have made came out of uninhabited holes because I went down chain and found them.

Yes it will. The core of how WH’s work is about movement, not about sitting in one spot and farming.

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i mean, it would be nice when you choose to use your wormhole for wardec dodging that the hole doesn’t go sparse for the whole week, but what your talking about is measuring activity n stuff and i’m pretty sure that’d be a bunch of unecessary programming that leads to a heavy tax on the servers.

You are supposed to go out and explore other systems.

When wormholes were created, ccp didn’t intend for players to live in them. You were supposed to roam through them.

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