Some Wormhole Love & Updates

Wormholes and J-Space in Eve is in my opinion the purest form of game play, no local chat and its the closest to complete simulation immersion. However there are some features i think that could be improved upon. The idea of wormholes only allowing a set amount of mass is fine and makes sense but having to pass rolling ships to close them feels like more of a hack than a feature. Id like to see the following updates

Closing Wormholes
How about a dedicated module where you lock up and activate it on the wormhole and it reduces the mass by a set amount per minute. During this time the ship activating the module would be stuck on grid and exposed. Maybe there could be a new animation affect so people on the other side could tell it was being closed also by a ship with a closing module on the other side.

Opening Wormholes
Living in a c3 with a high sec static there is often times where our corp logs on and as we only have the high sec static they log off as there is no wormhole chains to scan to find content in. Would it be possible to have an anchorable module such as a “WH Generator” which when activates opens a wormhole to a random J-Space System. This WH would need to be closed as normal if required. Maybe it could have a 24 hour cool down timer if this is considered as OP. This way players are better able to generate content and enjoy the game.

None of the above seems to go against Eve lore and would improve the wh experience


Faster to just roll it probably? I can roll one pretty quick.

Against that.

  • A competent rolling crew is faster than any reasonably designed module could ever be
  • A rolling crew encourages learning the WH mechanics about mass, size and polarization, while a module needs no learning, just activating and waiting (and fleeing as soon as there is any activity on the other side)
  • A rolling crew encourages teamplay instead of solo activity
  • A rolling crew offers content for both sides. You can trap them if you spot them and get some kills or even provoke a fight. But you can also bait with fake-rollers and provoke a fight to kill those who wanted to kill the rollers.

Also it could (and probably would) be used to easily close Frig-Holes, which are often the only chance for you to bring pilots in if you are invaded, because these holes are hard to roll away. So even more an advantage for the attacker.

From my perspective, the current solution is better than the suggestion.

Not sure about this one.

Even if you only have your static High (which really should not be the case very often unless you have actively rolled other holes yourself), you can just send a scanner to your Highsec and look for WHs in the nearby Systems. You will find a chain 1-2 jumps out 100% guaranteed and can just look for your content there. So, I don’t really think its nessessary, but I also don’t see much of a downside. In case of an Invasion/Eviction of course the side with superior forces in space could use it to bring even more stuff in, but the more holes there are, the more they have to split their forces and the higher the risk of a third party noticing what is going on. I am 50/50 on this.

Closing a wormhole takes only a few seconds for a well skilled crew.
Even if I do it alone with just one ship, I can close a H900(3Gg) in 20 minutes.

Just NO.
If you’re feeling bored in your system because there aren’t enough entries, then either go out and look for it
(EvE-Scout and the Thera-Map is allways a good way to start diving in J-Space)
or move to a WH with two statics.

Please please, with cream and sugar on top.
Don’t make CCP fiddle with J-Space again.
The last changes have been bad enough.

The so called “WH-Love-Patch” had cost us a about 50% of the residents and 80% of the daytrippers in J-Space.
Therefore NO!!!

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