Subspace bomb

A bomb, bombers can drop that instantly closes a wormhole.

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So basically get rid of higgs rigs?
-30 for coming up with bad ideas


Some good game play can come from it. Like null’s ability to lock out some wh’s in null, or wh’s ability to lock null in wh, or some similar mechanics. You could split fleets, and gain some good content from it.

It would also be a good sink for eve.

This is a bad idea that reeks of “I’m too scared to roll the wormhole, give me an easy way to remain risk averse.”

Your suggestion doesn’t even include a reason why this would be a good change to have.


I find it so interesting how you two or three toons manage to pop up so quickly in the same thread.

Rolling wormholes with ships is outdated, a subpar design concept, a bomb that closes it makes way more sense, is far cleaner, and has far more potential options. IF you want to force content, be a real dev and remove blobbing.

I only have one. But your comment is off topic to the point of your original post.

Please do explain why this idea would be useful for the game.

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Wait, do you not read?

Your straight trolling bro, and im aware of it. Maybe you should stop typing and actually read whats on the screen in front of you.

Do you see this part? or do you need glasses?

Your post does not include an explanation. It merely states a suggested idea.

I did read. Did you even read your own suggestion? There is no explanation here. Please explain why you think this is good for the game.

If you cannot handle explaining your ideas, maybe you should hold off until you have more fully developed the ideas before posting.

Explanation here

Next please.

But no. You just make accusations and claims, again, without any support.

How is it an “outdated and subpar design concept”? Just saying it is does not make it so.

I don’t care if you think it’s “cleaner”, because that doesn’t mean anything. And your claim of “far more potential options” doesn’t actually explain those “potential options”.

And finally, you throw in that suggestion to “remove blobbing”, but again, never explain why.

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This would make wormholes completely risk free. I can only think of one or two things that would make wormholes worse, and local is one of them. Why would you think this is a neccessary feature?

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No, it gives alliances counter-play to worm holers. a completely valid option.

No, your response does not address the point.
It allows you close the wormhole risk free. There is no counterplay on the part of the wormholers.


So what would balance it out? How would wormholers get a “counter play”?

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I love how you’ve run away from your lies about me and can’t even own up that they were lies. And are now trying to claim your experience again without pointing at a single verifiable thing you have ever developed. And show a lack of understanding about EVE that is greater than the worst carebear miner has.

You’ve not provided a single shred of data to suggest there even is an issue closing wormholes.


Still waiting to hear the counter play so my normal area of operations doesn’t turn into farmville with dreadnoughts.

Farmville eve is good for its future, and we should go the direction of turning eve into wow.
its the best thing that could happen to this game, one i am strongly in support of, and many others to!

I’m going to guess that your experience with wormhole space is hopping into a cruiser, warping to a site, watching sleepers turn your ship into atoms, and then complaining that sleepers are too hard. If not, please, tell me what you know about wormhole space. I’d love to hear about it.

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Na, i just find that a lot of the idea’s in eve are not thought out, much like ccp’s choices as company. Its almost certainly due to bad leadership.

Having people spam jump through holes is as tedious as spamming dscan, which is why it should be changed.

I can say the same about your idea.

Jumping through the wormhole has an actual impact beyond simply closing the wormhole. Mechanics such as wormhole polarization, which prevent you from rapidly jumping in an out of the wormhole prevents people from playing jumping games by bouncing back and forth.

Additionally, mass limits prevent people from shoving entire capital fleets through a wormhole, either to attack a wormhole’s inhabitants or to travel rapidly across systems in New Eden.

It is actually pretty well thought out.