Subspace bomb

As someone who’s lived in a wormhole since roughly their implementation, please don’t force your ideas on wormholers. You have no background in it, and it shows. Why not go play a game more your speed, like Settlers of Cattan.


Wait, you think adding a few conditional statements and attributes are “thought out?”.

Those of us in the industry that actually know what we are doing implement a few more concepts to our design choices. Let me show you how horridly thought out this is, if you are capable of following as the scrub designer you are.

  1. This has no emotional attachment, the industry widely recognizes all design positions to be a failure if there is no emotional attachment to a design choice.
    lets start by saying here that attachment to another object involved to a change in the game, is not equal (!=) to an attachment to the object in question

  2. “Spam” is a result out really badly thought out design choices. Like spamming a dscan button, or spamming through a wormhole. A real designer would of made objects, weapons, etc that would of closed the wormhole to start with.

Additionally , If Players already roll the wormhole, the argument for a faster closing mechanic is already off the table.

If the purpose of the control attributes and conditions are a result of forcing content, the design has already failed as the majority of people do not utilize the mechanics for that poorly intended purpose, which makes the design ineffective as best. Since the majority of null alliances do this, its a proven point.

Further, we come to the topic of super-powers who can easily roll the wormhole, with no challenge from the wormhole entities, even further invalidating “wormhole rolling”.

The wormholes do not generate content, they only shift its location, which provides a significant invalidation of their existence, or randomness to start with

If the game needs to introduce more content, to generate more interaction between players it should not be trying to force that interaction by repetitive, poorly designed concepts.

Just a few really important points. We’re barely scratching the surface of the issues here, but then again, we are dealing with ignorant players who troll on alts, and developers who do not think out their positions, or are lead by lying money grubbing ceos

That’s a lot of words to avoid the actual point that is raised.

Let’s start here, since everything before it is off topic.

You need to first define what “generate content” means. I believe that wormholes can “generate content” because if they open up into a system that’s active, I can start engaging targets inside.

The only thing you’re focusing on it the isolated instance of the wormhole itself, conveniently ignoring what happens when a ship goes through it. So again, not very well thought out.

“If the game needs to”

Why do you believe that the game needs to? Your ideas are poorly thought out and leave the readers, like myself, asking these questions.

The rest of your post is meaningless off topic attempt to pretend to look like a game developer by saying random buzzwords, so I will not comment on it, because again, it’s off topic. :slight_smile:

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Would you be willing to explain what you mean by “has farm more potential options” in this quote from yourself?

Wormholer decloaks, traps transport inside for gankg
Wormholer, or nullsec closes wormhole during battle to split forces
Wormholer, or nullsec player closes hole to keep safety up.
Wormholer uses bomb to roll wormholes faster.
etc, etc etc

You must be failing to read your own idea. That’s fine. Let me refresh you.

You suggested a bomb that would close a wormhole, and then claimed that the bomb would have “far more potential options”.

The reply you made seem to demonstrate a large lack of understand of the game actually plays out, and in fact, seems more like it removes options.

I have a feeling that this is the only thing you’re really concerned about, and that it’s geared more towards your own personal feelings of safety.


How about instead of spamming a random list of stuff that isn’t accurate you try this instead.
Tell us how rolling wormholes works currently and what you feel is wrong with this. And not just “I don’t like it”, but some data based defence of your view.
You know, like actual Dev work is based on.


Wait, i remove options by adding more?
Oh Ok.

You are wanting to add an option that invalidates all other options as inferior.
Therefore yes, by ‘adding more’ you do remove options.
Of course, any real Dev would know that sort of thing.

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This comes across as a failure in comprehension. But that’s okay. Let’s try this again, but from the beginning.

You have an item that can close a wormhole from a distance away, and there is zero counterplay from the other side. How does this create “far more potential options” again?


Invalid point.

Counter play is provided when the wormhole is closed, automatically offering other potential killing options.

If a player uses your suggested item to close the wormhole before the other party can enter it. Where is the counterplay?

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They can bomb spam to get it back.

#drop mic.

So… No counter play at all. Got it.
And no, they can’t bomb spam to get it back, because the WH is now open to somewhere else.
Especially if they were at the K162 end.
You are clearly showing your lack of experience with WH mechanics here.

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Roll it like every other wormhole, you troll.
Dont give me that bs that they can keep popping and rolling wormholes, because if thats the cause we might as well just put a timer on them and call it a day.

“Bomb spam to get it back.” What do you mean by this? Can you reopen the wormhole by bomb spamming it?

Roll the wormhole and try try try again.

I’d advocate for a module for recons or something to open wormholes, bu t thats already been suggested a few times on the forums im sure.

at this point i dont care about opening them out side of current mechanics because they seem to be acceptable-ish.

To be honest, the wormholes and they way they are generated and their conditions, and the amount of them are all kind of blah, but that gets into a topic of wormholes, and not subspace bombs.

The point being that a bomb is a much more instant way for both parties to get, or deny content, or control it better.

So you admit that there’s no counterplay. The only other option is that the other party look for another wormhole connection.

I cannot support this idea because it gives too much power to one side of an engagement with zero counterplay ability to the other party. This only confirms my suspicion that the idea is primarily intended to be used for the purpose of cowardly risk averse gameplay.

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  1. Why is it a good thing to be able to reroll a static WH. WH’s are meant to be difficult to find routes through, that is part of the point of WH’s. This turns them into easy to spam routes. Which is not desirable as it makes New Eden vastly smaller.
  2. Please explain how I reroll a K162 (on my side) that you closed from your side.
  3. You are stating that the only option is to use this bomb to do anything. Exactly as stated above it reduces options.

You don’t even know current WH mechanics.