New Gameplay Suggestion Wormhole Rolling

Title: Wormhole rolling

Problem: Using multiple battleships to pass through the WH to close it
Feature Solution: closing a wormhole with a new high slot module

Tool >>>>> : Wormhole Anomaly Vacuum Emissions scanner ( WAVES )

There are four sizes of wormholes, Small, Medium, Large and extra-Large

For example for a small size wormholes you will need the small size WAVE module fitted to a small ship.

Small wormhole > small WAVES
Medium wormhole > Medium WAVES
Large Wormhole > Large WAVES
X-Large wormholes > Capital WAVES

WAVES come with script/ammo that burn out after one use
WAVES module burns out after each use like overheat damage so it must either be nanite repaired or swapped with a new WAVES module.

SCENARIO <<<<<<<

  1. X-Large wormhole is detected leading to a hostile enemy space

  2. A Capital ship is fitted with a Capital X-Large WAVE

Note … While WAVE is fitted even if not activated, due to the high energy requirement the ship cannot use or fit any offensive modules including Drones & SmartBombs.

  • Also cannot fit active repair modules due to the WAVES energy requirement, But can use passive shield / armor extenders etc
    = this should encourage fleet escort
  1. The Capital with fleet escort warps to the Wormhole

  2. Capital activates WAVE

Note … Only 1 ship can WAVE the WH on one side. or 2 ships WAVE_ing from both sides for faster closing

The WAVE has 3 stages <<<<<<<<

Is linking with the wormhole or scanning the wormhole.
The timing is fixed regardless how old the WH is but
X-Large WH needs longer scanning than Small WH
This is the only stage the Capital can cancel the scanning without burn-out

Capital gets bonus to receiving remote Cap, Shield and Armor repairs.

Begins destabilising the WH

  • A large beam continuously shoots the wormhole from the ship

  • At this stage the Capital can no longer cancel and remains fixed in
    place unable to move or use any offensive modules nor use any active modules.

  • The large energy used makes the Wormhole visible to everyone in both sides with a timer.
    This is visible in the Agency > exploration tab

Fleet can hangs around defending or cross wormhole for pvp

A countdown becomes visible
Need FEEDBACK > ( Small wormhole up to 20 minutes, X-Large wormholes up to 1 hour )


The WAVE ship now has the option to
a) Keep it open without mass penalties for up to 24h (however long the community agrees on) that encourages either longer PvP activity or advantage for haulers, travel etc

b) Close the WH , in which the fleet & WAVE operator gets ISK or LP paid

  • A large wavy explosion occurs from the wormhole visible across the solar system
  • (option) teleporting smaller ships except the WAVE ship
    to random spots in the solar system due to being pushed out by the explosion.
  • WAVE module becomes Burned out and would need to be repaired in station or with nanites.
  • The Capital Keeps its remote repair bonuses for next 2 minutes enough time to align & time out the penalties
  • Drops are left behind inside are materials &
    blueprints to manufacture more WAVE modules.

Small WAVE blueprints can be purchased from any LP stores
Medium > Large > XL blueprints can be collected from collapsed
wormhole drops

The broken WAVE module can be reprocessed / recycled for
extra materials

So what do you think… Feel free to leave feedbacks and your suggestion and please ping CCP for this idea if you all love or hate it for being too complicated.

Overly complicated and I cannot see any benefit. I am pretty sure anyone who could bring your “fleet” with some WAVES Capital + escorts is like 10x faster with closing the hole he wants to close with a standard rolling crew.

Dude wants to get paid when annoying wormhole stops him krabbing for 5 mins when it needs rolling away

I’d be willing to consider a module that slowly rolls a wormhole over time, but getting paid ISK/LP is right out. Who would be paying you anyway?

He can suggest a “payment for closing WHs” to his corp leadership and get paid all day long for closing WHs.

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