Wormhole changes due fixed crashing procedures

The recent fixes to WH mechanics have stirred a lot of discussion about the WH mechanics.
I have given it a lot of thought and here are some suggestions about the possible changes.

1st I think that the fix of the delayed propulsion is a good one. Returning the rolling to the way it used to be. However many folks have played their entire WH life so that this super crashing of the holes has worked. Currently I see two main problems. Rolling the C1 holes and frigate only holes (FOH).

For C1 holes I suggest that the maximum mass of the ship that can go through the hole is made higher from the current 20 million kg. I suggest that max weight would be around 70 mil kg so a BC or CA with 100mn AB could go through the hole.

If the frigate only holes (FOH) need to be in the game at all, I suggest a way shorter life span for them - Maybe 2-6 hrs. Also it would be cool if the FOH would get very limited age remaining info - maybe when there would be like 15-30 min of life span left on the hole it could show verge of collapse but that is all the info on the age. That will add the unpredictability and danger to the this very special hole type. But the biggest chance would be that FOH would only spawn from WH to WH so there would be no K-space connections. That will require at least some game play in order to get from K space to a WH through the connection that players have no control over. At the moment I can see, specially in the lower level WH that everything stops in the hole for 16hrs if FOH pops up.

Also making the hole crashing more interesting I suggest that should a ship activate the WH be 50% or heavier than the max mass of single activation it would have agility reduced for 10? seconds after coming out from the hole and the ship would spawn further from the hole as well to add a little more risk for crashing the hole. That could be relative. Heavier ship would always spawn further and if you are just a little lighter the variation would be smaller.

Wow safe space alert here.

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