Free wormholes

Hello, what if wormholes appeared in the right click menu as an anomaly by default, and maybe even the overview?

Its not like w-space is some kind of treasure chest with free loot because when you go inside there is significant risk and you still got to do the actual work to extract anything of value.

So the tedious process of finding wormholes does not affect the risk vs reward equation and it seems like it can be safely removed.

Well, off the top of my head I think wormholers might be screaming a bit inside…


Someone doesn’t like the concept of exploration in this game.


You’re ignoring that finding and rolling holes is a risk.
It also effects the effort.
These two things mean that wormholes come out of balance again.

Clearly you have never lived in j-space.

EDIT: wormholes scanned out by my corpmates already appear in the right click menu. They’re bookmarks in corp locations.

What you propose would serve no purpose and i doubt any wormhole dwelling player would argue for it to be introduced. Go and live in j-space for a year or so and you’ll understand why this is a pretty bad idea that we’ll just add to your growing tally of bad ideas.

Automating D-Scan and now wormholes not requiring to be scanned?
Seems like you’d like to farm in wormholes, but are too lazy to put in the little effort it takes. Can’t appreciate that attitude.


I did a good job of explaining how those ideas dont affect balance and is more of a QoL thing. Keep in mind this game has people that have played for years and if you want to keep them around QoL is essential?

The downside is that some people have invested in becoming excellent at scanning and the value of this investment will be reduced if wormholes starting appearing by default. I guess some of the mystery of wormholes will also disappear which seems bad.

So as a compromise new types of probes could be introduced that would scan for signatures automatically and still use the ship bonuses, skill bonuses, implant bonuses and so on. A late game probe that would take a while to be able to use.

This way you earn your QoL and who wouldnt like to open the scanning screen and watching the probes slowly(?) map out any signatures in the system,

no, you did a terrible job of that. just brandishing some vague QoL statement isn’t a good explanation of why this should be implemented.

it’s not just trained skills and implants that help, there’s a surprising amount of player skill involved in quickly probing out signatures.
although, the difference between a max skill virtue buzzard and a base skills Heron is considerable and it does help, a lot.

No. Probe them out yourself.

How ‘slowly’? Be specific please.

I know when rolling for K-Space connections with my WH corp, we can have five probers six deep down the chain in ~10 minutes.

first and only sensible thing you’ve said in this thread. WH life is difficult compared to k-space and we like it that way tyvm. We certainly don’t need half baked ideas from someone who has very limited experience in WH life.

As I suggested earlier, go and live in J-Space for a while.