Bookmark auto-deletion - more


This is the BM window.
As you can see it has the options of ‘expires in never, 2days, 3hrs’

It is a nice feature but the selection is rather lacking.

  • Wrecks despawn in 2hrs
  • Wormholes (leading to regular space) in about 6~24hrs
  • Anomalies last until the next downtime; <24hrs.

I can imagine most had reasons to keep a spot in space for anything between 1~48hrs
Like a safe spot. or something for a mission. or setup for a building project. or corp-event. ~etc.

That’s why I thought this menu should sport an input field.

Now you can either select your desired option or simply type the precise time you want.
I also took the liberty of adding the whimsical 12h and 1’day-option.

I hope this kinda of feature does sound interesting to you.
More options allow for more freedom of choice. This will ad just that without taking anything away.

(also it be great if we could put this waste of UI space to some good use :stuck_out_tongue: )



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