Suggestion, Add More Expiration Options for Bookmarks

This was a great feature, and as CCP has shown they are happy to have BM’s that expire every 3 hours, however the only option above that is every 2 days, it would be great if there was a little more in the way of options, even if you wanted to limit it to multiples of 3 hours would be awesome, but a specific value would be amazing

I believe in you CCP, you can do it!!!

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Adding in a slider for this would be great


I would already be happy if CCP would give us the options of standards signature disappearance timers: 1 day for wormholes and 4 &7 days for signatures. Plus a few hours. I never understood why CCP chose these random and arbitrary timers that have no bearing in EVE whatsoever. A slider from 0 to 7 days and one for 1 to 24 hours would be really nice to have.


Why can’t the BM folder be synced up to the in game calendar CCP? Let us set a specific date+time on a BM the same way you can set an event on the calendar.

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