Location save

I have proposal.
May be CCP can create something like this (picture below) with location save system?
I think it can be useful to be able to save location for a 1 day, or 16 hours for example.


To be honest, if I have a temporary bookmark that I don’t need forever, I don’t really care about how long exactly it takes to expire. All I care about is that it expires in a reasonable timeframe.

It’s already nice that I can choose between two timeframes for temporary bookmarks, ‘this play session’ or ‘couple days’, but I don’t really care how long exactly it takes for the bookmarks to expire. What I do care about is that when I come back in a week, or in a day, I don’t have to manually remove all the temporary bookmarks myself.

But my gameplay might not be the same as yours.

What is it that you want to do that requires such fine controls over the duration of the bookmarks?


esclation sell I guses

Expiry dates should at the very least reflect typical EVE PVE and navigation activities.

The expiry dates make no sense and never have made any sense in EVE terms. There are no sites or sigs that despawn after 2 days. Wormholes always despawn after 24 hours and other sigs and anoms between 4-7 days. The expiry dates make no sense because of that and are useless for bookmarks for these things and most other things that you want to bookmark. The time frames are either too short or too long, which generates clutter.

Having these default EVE time frames as expiry dates would already go a long way. Custom timers would be even better.

Sometimes when you are part of a corporation and have a corporation bookmarks tab. You can exceed the limit of bookmarks in a folder. Because 2 days is too long.

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