Bookmark expire time additional suggestion

3 hours / 2 days expire time is too inconvenient, it would be convenient to add 1 day expire time.

What is inconvenient about it? Either you need the bookmark for future reference or you don’t - in that regard 2 days is no different than 1.

Maybe that part when current timers has no relation to any in game mechanic?

Like, I don’t know. Maybe wh’s and other signatures would be great start?
3h is to short for most of EOL holes and 2 days is to long. Meaning you will remove and update bookmarks manually anyway. Making feature useless for people that would benefit and use it the most.

Why no have an option to set the expiry time yourself? To what ever you want…
Would b handy for wormholes that have just spawned u could set the eol bookmark timer yourself to what ever that may be

3 hours is enough when you’re simply bookmarking entrances and exits on a chain.

2 days where you don’t have to really think about it and they poof is fine. Like I said, there’s nothing inherently different about 1 vs. 2 days. You don’t have to update or remove them unless you’re making 500+ bookmarks every single day. They’ll auto expire and be removed. You never know for sure how long an EOL will be - it could be 10 minutes, it could be 23 hours - so in the end, you’re better off just setting it to 2 days so you don’t lose it.

Setting the expiry time yourself would be nice, but it seems a bit cumbersome when most folks will be able to get what they need from the existing choices.

This is the first time I’ve seen this request, by the way.

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If you wish to use a bookmark for 1 day but do not want to use it indefinitely, is it such a big problem to set the expiration time to 2 days?

Personally I really like the three options:

  • either I don’t want the bookmark to disappear, or
  • I need it just for my current session, or
  • I could maybe use it the next days as well but would still like it to eventually be cleaned up automatically

The exact timing doesn’t really matter.

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I get that you aren’t playing WH stuff. But when you don’t even understand meaning of EOL wh. I see no point discussing.

And I understand your point. But the thing is. If people that use it now, don’t care. Why don’t make simple change so feature would be useful to even more players? And it’s not like it will take weeks of dev time (probably…)

As request? Yeah, probably. But since it was introduced I saw many people puzzled why great feature turned into “meh” just because CCP decided to throw shitt at wall and picked most random numbers that sticks

If you have a way of determining exactly how much time is left on an EOL wormhole, I would love to hear it. Teach me something I don’t know.

The reason I’m hesitant to even ask for this is because it seems to me like this is one of those things that seems simple but likely isn’t, otherwise they’d have already done it.

on top of that, afik max life time for some (as it varies between types) wh’s is 36h. Which is timer I would propouse. As it don’t only helps with wormhole gameplay but also gives enough overlap for people that play on daily basis. I mean, gives some buffer if you can’t play at same time 7 days a week. But it’s not as long as 2 days which don’t really help with anything other clearing clutter over the time.

And I thought that good old POS code joke would be to much lol

When a WH reaches EOL status you have sub 4 hours before it expires. :slight_smile:

Would it be so hard to ask for at least a 1 day option? Surely this would something extremely easy to add to the game and make a couple folks happy. I would use the 1 day much more than the others if it were there.

Sure, I can ask. Along with the other 200 things a day people ask me to ask for.

I didn’t know exactly how long an EOL wormhole went for, but I do know that there is no way to be 100% certain how long it is, which is my point. So set it for two days if you think it’s over 3 hours and then it poofs.

Less than 4h. Simple as that.

It clutters your bookmarks, and confuse everyone for 48h and then poofs. Awfully lot of effort just to save someone two, max 3 mouse clicks.

Yea dude I bet the list is massive. You were right about that part though no sure way to know. Not a big thing at all but would be cool to have.

It is inconvenient to store the wormhole location, the normal lifespan of wormholes is between 4h - 24h, but if you set it to 2day, the wormhole disappears but the location remains.

My gut feeling is that if CCP gave him exactly what he is acerbically demanding, he wouldn’t express any appreciation or even acknowledge it.

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But if you were able to set it to 24h and the wormhole disappears after 5 hours, wouldn’t you have the same problem?

You will always have the problem of bookmarks existing after the wormhole is gone, so you would have to deal with that anyway.

I think what they are asking for is to be able to set bookmarks for the maximum expected life of the WHs they use.

If it lasts 4 hours - 3 days then you want it at 3 days because the alternative is to keep on going back to bookmark, or to permanently save temporary things.

Is the current minimum jet can life because that would have some logic to it?

This sounds like a mouse pointer thing where it’s very very annoying if it affects you, but no one else understands what you are on about until is snows in space.

Jet can life is around 2h. That’s why my whole point is that current timers have no logic from game mechanics standpoint.

I get what you are saying, we get a drop down box for warp to, and we can set orbital and keep at distance at whatever we like and yet there is a whole 3 options for save location.

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