Realism of Logging Off In Space

In a bid to maintain the realism of being a space pilot, what do you tell yourself is happening when you logoff in space? Why does the ship appear to be cloaking when the timer counts down to 0 (even though you have no cloaking module)? Why does the ship appear to warp in from somewhere (where?) when you re-logon? Why doesn’t anyone destroy your ship when you’re logged off?

It’s a game therefore mechanics to make the game playable are sometimes more important than realism. I don’t tell myself anything is happening other than I’m logging off.


Logoff in space is only one thing.

Same mechanic protects you if you lose connection while in space. IMO, that’s more important.

If your aim is to just make up something wholesale that you can use to support your suspension of disbelief then perhaps consider that your ship performs an emergency warp to get it out of visual range, then powers down most of its systems and uses a special brand of cloaking device that is only effective to hide an unpowered and defenseless piece of space debris that’s not in the immediate vicinity of anything trying to scan for it.

You can, of course, make up whatever you want.


Amarrian character: God made it so as a blessing to reward my strong faith and commitment.

Gallente character: I’m too busy to inject boosters and have fun with my exotic dancers to think about such matters.

Minmatar character: A bit of ductape and the machine spirit does wonders, it is all natural.

Squid character: I’m just flying this thing, don’t know how it all works.


I didn’t know the 4th faction was the Calamari. Guess I’ve been spelling it wrong all this time.


Logging off in space, I imagine my Toon is parking her ship, in some random region of the solar system, in order to go to sleep for the night. Even though I know it’s a safe log-off, I treat it as though my ship is still out there, but nobody can find me since space is so vast.

“What the?!? Why is my ship moving? I could have sworn I left the parking break on…”


I am telling myself I am making an awful mistake and while God will watch over me He doesn’t really have a lot of time for rash numpties.

I have an obligation to the Empire to look after the time and effort they invested in me and my training.

Brilliant. Just Brilliant. Thank-you, made my day.
And annoyingly I’m meant to be the annoying one not amused by such silliness.

:wink: :smirk: :dealwithitparrot:

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I figured it out.

The ‘cloak’ that you see at the beginning of the logoff isn’t cloaking. It’s a special chemical secreted by nano openings on the skin of the ship. Said chemical freezes on contact with the cold space temperature. It serves to make the ship appear like a floating piece of ice.

Then the ship shuts down and the only thing powered is the bare essential to keep the clone alive.

When logging back on, the warp-in animation serves a purpose. The frozen chemical skin requires high temperature to melt off. This heat can only be obtained efficiently when the engines are warping. So, the ship does a short warp (about 5-10km) only so you’re basically still at your log off position. This heat ‘cleans’ the skin and you’re back in business.


Timers. They keep the universe together. These god given periods decide if you live or die.

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