Suggestion: Being allowed to cancel the initial warp upon logging in

When we log in while in space, it is almost always an incredibly bad idea to warp to where we lost connection.
At this time, I can’t stop myself from automatically warping to where I was (which usually results in my death).
I’d like to suggest the ability to stop this forced warp if we so choose.

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This is to deter combat logging, which is not a problem on a single account but multiboxers & bots would use this to escape if it was penalityless.

So what is annoying for you isa feature which deters mass abuse by others.

Just Ctrl+B to set up a bookmark immediately when you enter.

Then you would have died if you hadn’t disconnected, and restoring you to the situation you disconnected from is entirely appropriate. You should not be able to escape immediate danger by logging out or pulling out your network cable.

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Did you know if you disconnect, your ship aligns out and warps away by itself? If it gets tackled/killed, it’s still dead.
If you disconnect, and your ship safely warps out, you would have been able to as well.

Doesn’t help in any way.

disconnecting as an escape? How is this an escape? You also have combat timers, so if you were in combat, you can’t log off for quite a while… What penalty vanishes if you don’t forcibly warp to where you disconnected/logged off?

You should not have the ability to warp to and stay at a random safe spot via DC if you do not have that ability via normal means. You can’t even warp to a 100% truly random location using probes.

Wait, how DO we warp to a random safe when we disconnect? If it’s not possible for us to do, why is it possible to do when we disconnect?

After reading the rest of your whining, I figured as much, since you’re just looking for a way to DC, emergency warp out, and then log back in safely away from people trying to kill you.

Yes, you got it. This is exactly what I want.

Honestly, your solution of hitting ctrl-B and setting a bookmark is a neat idea, but it doesn’t stop the forced warp back which is what I’m asking for.
Your solution would just create a bookmark out in the middle of nowhere.

Not quite.

If you pull your cable before you get a timer (like when you see them landing on grid but before they shoot you) then you will disappear after one minute even if they tackle you.

So it’s appropriate that you go back to the position you disconnected at.

Happened to me a few times so consider the following situation; probed a target down, sent in tackle but he quit the game as i landed on grid. So even though we tackled his ship and started hitting it with dps, it disappeared after 1 minute. When he logged back in the next day we were waiting.

If he wasn’t forced to warp back to his log off point he’d be able to slip off scott-free. That’s no good.

Interesting. This sounds like a bug then. I agree he should not have gotten away.

I wouldn’t have made this post except it has become so common to disconnect now. For the past week, people in my alliance are disconnecting all over the place. I just don’t know what to do about it. :frowning:

It’s not a bug. Just how CCP decided it should work given all the possible scenarios.

Imagine a cloaked titan disconnecting. Cloak turns off and titan warps to safe. If he didn’t disappear after a minute he could easily be probed down by someone in system and attacked within a minute. So disappearing after one minute prevents getting easy kills on other peoples disconnects.

The only reason you wouldn’t disappear is if you got a timer before you disconnected. This stops people logging off whilst tackled/mid combat.

It just makes sense that the person that disconnects return to the point they disconnected, whether that’s where they want to be or not.

Annoying sometimes, sure. Especially if you’re in a freighter and disconnected whilst initiating warp but manage to log back in before you land, because the game WILL force you to warp back to where you disconnected from after you land.

Having your ship automatically decloak and start to warp is another terrible idea. Staying cloaked on grid would be a ton safer in every case I can imagine.
I’m tired of all the times I’ve been in a bomber fleet, and someone disconnects which decloaks the entire fleet.
There is no doubt the rules CCP has laid down for disconnections are just terrible.
If you think killing a disconnected capital is difficult, you haven’t participated in the various keepstar fights we had recently. We were out killing titans, dreads, and everything that disconnected with supreme ease. We had people probing all battle and just killing all disconnects.
The system is terrible because every single one of those victims would have lived easily if they weren’t forced to warp out on disconnect - they were all tethered on the keepstar before they disconnected.

I literally can’t believe CCP thought it was a great idea to remove all pilot skills applied to ships when the pilot disconnected. All resistances poof! Makes killing them a ton easier.

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