What is the safest way to store assets long term?

If I go into a random high sec npc station and put all my assets there, is it safe long term? And there’s no storage limit right?

Do people create player owned stations because it’s closer to high resource areas in null sec? Or just for fun? I’m trying to understand the concept of Eve.

Unless CCP changes the concept of NPC stations, assets are safe in NPC stations.

Yes. That is how it is and has been for 17 years. Perfectly safe and unlimited.

Player stations offer many things - better bonuses for industry, player-owned markets, strategic bases for wars or other campaigns (or resource collection), enabling things like moon mining, a player home… and probably more I am missing. They also have ‘Asset Safety’ where your stuff is perfectly safe as long as you keep them fueled, as well as unlimited storage.

Deploying a station is not something a new player should immediately aspire do, not even a solo player. They are designed to be contested and fought over, and best owned and protected by a group.


Well when Triglavian invasion happened, few players were at difficult situation, when they thought that putting assets in hisec station safe. But they were proven wrong, when they found stuck in new trig space.
I think it would be safer to sell everything and keep it as ISK or plex. If you have some rare hulls that you want to save, maybe put it in brick tanked bowhead and save log somewhere in middle of hisec (rookie systems even better).

Or unless CCP changes the location of NPC stations, assets are available to use from NPC stations. :nerd_face: :sweat_smile:

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Well, invasions proved that CCP is willing to mess with NPC stations to some degree. However, I would personally feel comfortable storing my stuff in an NPC station in HS. I know it’s not 100% safe, but, it’s the safest option short of liquidating everything. And, if my ■■■■ winds ups in Pochven 2.0 or whatever, I’ll try to see if I can’t turn that into an advantage.

I vaguely recall reading that ships that had been unattended in space for a number of months were automatically moved to the nearest NPC station.

Not if you log off IN this ship :wink:

That’s the situation I was referring to - but as I said, it’s a vague recollection, could perhaps be a fevered dream :slight_smile:

Now I remember rumors about that. Well rookie high sec systems should be safest. From what I remember CCP don’t touch those systems much.

PLEX vault.

Ships logged off in wormhole space for approximately 6 months have been teleported to highsec in the past. A GM will move it back to the original location when you return, if you politely ask via support ticket, but aside from periodically logging in, I don’t think it can be avoided in wormhole space.

I don’t recall the specific rationale for this change - just that it is a thing that affects long-term planning for wormholes - especially with regards to mass limits.

No idea if it happens in K-space or Pochven.

Edit: was trying to reply to @Dravick_Afterthought to clarify on recollection of past events.

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Your assets are safe in an NPC station. As for the limit, there is no limit in cubic meters size but the limit is 1000 unique items or stacks of items per hangar or container. If you exceed the limit you can use containers such as station warehouses to have 1000 stacks in each. So you could theoretically have 1000 containers with 1000 items or stacks in each of them for up to a million items/stacks maximum per hangar.

Keep in mind that if your have to repackage or stack items it needs some extra space to carry out the action. If your hangar is too full you may not be able to maneuver things easily.

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