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I hope this question wasn’t answered before and even though it might have, I didn’t find an answer. Also,it seems Help Chat is too busy to answer this.

I have right now most of my assets in Amarr VIII ( my one-stop shopping center ) but am operating in 0.4 and 0.3 15 jumps away.
Is it better to keep all assets in one NPC station or is it better to spread assets all over the galaxy?
Can NPC stations be destroyed? Would I lose my stuff because NPC station may be destroyed?

And since I’m at it I’ll ask another question I didn’t get answered in Help Chat:
Do Forward Observation Posts respawn?
If yes, how long does it take for them to respawn?

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Kind of easy to recommend … best to have stuff you need where you live or can access easily. So far and with much certainty NPC stations can’t be destroyed. However with Povchen CCP showed it is possible those get moved where you might not able to access it later.


For now, your stuff is safe in an NPC station, as far as FOB’s can’t speak on spawn rate for those.

I have stuff spread out in several stations, but when I was mission running to help raise standings, that was vital to have several BS’s spread out for when I was running missions for certain corps to raise standings for other pilots.

You want your assets close by so if you have a “oh ■■■■” moment, you aren’t too far off, unless you didn’t change your med clone to another location closer to you.

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If you’re actually concerned about losing anything in NPC stations, you can always courier your assets to Jita 4-4. With all of the advancements CCP’s made to Jita (new model, EVE Portal companion app accessibility, etc.) it’ll likely be the one keystone of EVE that CCP won’t interfere with.


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Yes. Pochven is the evidence.

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NPC station cannot be destroyed…not yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything in pochven is still save and not destroyed and its super easy to get stuff out of poch by scanning a wh.


How to get ready for the “yet” part?
What must I do? :scream:

Thought you left the game? :smile:

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With regards to FOBs: They do not respawn in the same location, but will spawn somewhere. Not sure what the delay is or if they have region- or constellation-based mechanics. Known information is available here:

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That’s certainly where he said he was headed here:

Nice to know, thank you. o7

Npc stations can’t be destroyed so your stuff is safe in them. That being said, it is a good idea to keep things spread out a bit. I keep stuff all over the region I live and several places around the galaxy.

Sometimes you are flying around and see a pvp opportunity and your in the wrong ship. Not a problem if you keep some stashes around with different ships, ammo etc to switch to.

What if a group war decs you and hangs out too close (in high sec) or a large group moves in on top of you (low/null)? Instead of being stuck station camped you can just insta undock in an interceptor or jump clone to your other stash and keep going, either to attack them from a better position or keep your isk making activities up and running.

If your doing isk making in low/null then having ships stashed at various places can keep you from flying through dangerous space with pve/mining ships. Each mission or mining, pi etc system can have its own set of ships for the jobs in that system.

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Thanks so much for all the tips o7
I will follow your advice. It all makes sense to me.

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