Asset Safety and Player Exploitation

I recently returned to the game after a year away, eager to explore the new expansion. However, I am disheartened to find that the issues surrounding asset safety and player exploitation remain unchanged. These concerns significantly impact the gameplay experience and deter both new and returning players from investing their time and resources.

Issues Observed:

Asset Safety Exploitation:
Assets moved to safety always end up in the same station, giving certain players undue leverage.
This system is easily exploited by players who do not need significant skill or knowledge to dominate others, creating an unfair gameplay environment.

High Costs and Toxic Elements:
Moving assets out of safety incurs a 20% fee, which is substantial.
Additional costs are often required to engage hauling corporations to move assets out of these stations, adding financial strain on players.
Players must also navigate toxic elements within the game, further discouraging participation.

These issues do not support fair play and provide little incentive for veteran players like myself to resubscribe. Instead of encouraging a balanced and engaging experience, the current system seems to favor exploitation and adds unnecessary financial burdens.

Suggestions for Improvement:

Revise Asset Safety Mechanics:
Implement a randomized or player-choice-based system for asset safety locations to reduce exploitation.
Consider reducing or restructuring the fees associated with asset safety to make it more player-friendly.

Enhance Player Protection and Support:
Develop mechanisms to mitigate toxic behavior and support fair play.
Provide more accessible and affordable options for asset retrieval and movement.

I am well aware that most of you who respond to in-game complaints do not have the level of authority to respond in kind, but maybe, just maybe, this is something worth considering if your goal is to bring back paying members into the game. If you can address this issue, that would be great, but I doubt my message will be addressed properly or will be offered any fair solutions.

I believe these changes could significantly improve the gameplay experience and incentivize players to return and stay engaged. Thank you for considering these concerns, and I hope to see positive changes that will enhance the fairness and enjoyment of the game for all players.

Never store anything in a Citadel that you don’t personally own, especially if you are going to be away from the game for a while. Lesson learned.

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Yes 100% agreed, please delete asset safety mechanism and when structure blow up all asset just spread around like in WH.

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Someone correct me if im wrong or ccps article is, but once asset safety is triggered, you have to wait 5 days before you can move it, to a station or structure in the same system, or it gets moved automatically to the nearest npc station by AU after 20 days.

And unless ccp changed the fee its 15% of its value if its automatically moved after 20 days, or 0.5% of its value if you move it before then to the same system

Asset safety is an automated last resort to save your items.

Asset safety has limitations and costs to ensure it doesn’t become a viable cheap and safe alternative to transpprt your goods, which is why it is more costly and less usable than if you were to haul the items yourself or were to pay a hauler to transport your goods for you.

Even then, people already abuse asset safety to safely stash loot in hostile areas, which to me is a sign asset safety may be too convenient already at the moment.

If you don’t want your items to end up in asset safety you can take plenty of precautions.

Be happy you still have your items!

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Remove asset safety. Problem solved.


cant you just filament it out and then back into a different high sec system i mean its not 100% safe but what is or look for a worm hole and scout it out find high sec static many ways to avoid gate travel in the game now

Aridia sick campers will vote for this solution for sure. If you did not care to evac all really expensive assets before you go off line for a long time, you need to pay the price of consequences.

The solution is simple and doesn’t require any involvement from CCP.

Take a little personal responsibility, and don’t leave stuff all over the galaxy.

Move your stuff out of nullsec before you leave, and you won’t have that issue when you come back. The fact that you failed to do this is not, nor has it ever been, something CCP needs to fix.

please detail how a player is exploited and dominated due to asset safety .
which part is unfair ?

lots of catch-phrases and trigger words but little substance … just another kid that thinks “toxic” has magic powers … ;p

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My money says someone in Podion shot them when they went to get their stuff, probably on the way out with their blingy ratting Golem. Obviously it hurt their feelings, so they came to the forums to complain about it like a typical carebear. The details may differ, but the general tale is always the same. :grin: