The nightmare that is 'ASSET SAFETY'

I’ll be brief:

  1. you should be able to see what’s in the wrapper without traveling there.

  2. you should be able to see the cost to get your items back without traveling there.

  3. You should be able to contract the contents to others: either to get the stuff with an alt or sell it to someone and the contents should be visible in the contract and become available to open by the recipient.

  4. The cost to remove something from asset safety should be reflected in how that item ended up in asset safety: 1) Citadel blown up, pay full price. 2) Some random dude moved his citadel, much less cost.


I agree with the first 3 points but don’t think it matters how it got there as to the price.
(And I do have stuff in asset safety and have only a slight clue what it is and where it might possibly be from)


I got a better idea, remove it from the game.


As a QOL I would definitely agree with 1. 2 would be more than possible if you could see the content (evepraisal it and open up calculator).

3 I disagree with, asset safety should require that you retrieve your assets. This could definitely be abused as a courier system otherwise.

4… some random dude moved his citadel…and… that matters… why? Asset safety is asset safety. Be glad you’ve got safety on your assets at all.


This is stuff I didn’t know about asset safety.
I now see that, when I need to use asset safety, I’ll need to do so with an empty clone in an interdictor to “claim” it, then use a contract to move it.
Maybe leaving that clone there, to light a cyno.

Also, I see that I should be using EVEMon, or similar, now, to keep a running inventory of my stuff.

I never thought to check my assets using EVEMon. At least I can see what’s in the asset wrap.

or, there should be no asset safety. If any player made structure blows up anywhere, everything in it should drop randomly just as if a ship were blown up.

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Asset safety mechanically is a safety net that helps the little guy when he gets stomped on by the big guy repeatedly so nobody gets reset to zero without undocking. Even though there are those of us that love being reset to zero once in a while not everyone does and it mostly effects players that are on vacation/break etc. Being required to sell all assets or move to lowsec/highsec every time you take 2 weeks off of EVE isn’t a good mechanic.

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Or just like, remove it all together.
Win win.

Wormholers have to do that, unless we’re in a Corp.
What stops someone from doing that to us?
If you go through the pains of bashing out the structure, you should get your loot.

Understood. if you don’t want risk, there are plenty of areas of space with stations to keep your stuff in. If you’re in null, for example though, there should be risk involved with what you bring to your player made empire.

Wormhole space is wormhole space. Not every space needs to be the same. I did years in wh space and a short stint in deep nullsec and when i took a break i’d jump my stuff to the nearest NPC station or outpost and loggoff. Nobody kept much in POSs though, there was no desire for industry and you could get locked out of all the stuff in the arrays at any time. Players that plan ahead still get their valuable stuff out of Citadels, its the unanticipated breaks from the game that catch players. I’d wager most all of the stuff that drops from wormhole Citadels is from players that left the game or are on break. At least with POS your mates could potentially evac/steal your stuff.
Paying the attackers the asset safety isk is a much better way to go about encouraging upwell destruction.

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I understand, but again, you can live somewhere with stations.

Null is supposed to be difficult. No asset safety should go along with that.

You DO remember that Asset Safety was a compromise to make the barrier to doing null not so steep that it scared off anyone not already there, right? To encourage players to use these player owned stations over NPC ones. I suppose you’d argue that an excellent way to convince people to try null, would be to tell them that there is no safety net whatsoever on their stuff, and anything they make/take/buy there is as good as lost.

Next, you’ll be advocating for removing reinforcement timers.

I suppose that would keep Jita in business, and high-sec popular.

W-space has become the no safety net space. Null has some net, but not a lot. Low is, frankly, the gank-zone, and will continue to be so, so long as it’s a chokepoint between null and high. (Whichever system bordered high would be the gank-zone, regardless of whether it was 0.0, or 0.4.)

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The barrier to null isn’t steep. I’ve been playing since before asset safety was a thing and without asset safety it was still recommended to go to null right away because it is basically as safe as highsec, but more profitable.

If a corporation or alliance isn’t strong enough to have standing defense fleets protecting their systems 24/7, why do they live in null?

So remind me how much of your assets got instantly stolen as loot when someone flipped an outpost?

I can tell you about a lot of times when a lot of stuff was stolen from POS’s.

What WHs have turned into is what null should be, challenging, dangerous places to live.

it’s been easy to live in null for a while now. Common advice for someone just starting the game is to get into null as soon as possible, given how safe it is. That’s not something I personally like. Just my opinion. We don’t have to agree.


i agree on the first 2 points, i also think you should be able to accept the charge and dump the items in your hanger from a distance too.

But im a firm no in 3 and 4.

Its your items in number 3, if you want to sell them then pay the fee and contract them up.

And for the 4th thing, the citadel dying or moving is the same difference, citadels are cheap and the fuels cheap, if you need a citadel in a spot so bad then drop your own.

If CCP is, evidently, permanently attached to asset safety would a compromise position be pursuable?
Instead of a loot fairy who waves a magic wand with only two settings, 50% dropped and 50% destroyed, what if asset safety meant the wand had three settings; dropped, destroyed, AND safed, the percentages to be argued over later.

i mean or just remove the mechanic. we manage in wh just fine