The nightmare that is 'ASSET SAFETY'

I concur with this message. I wanna be a Badass like Lugh here :sunglasses:

Well, yeah, but it’s likely not going away. Reforming the bad mechanic is the best can be hoped for?

well that’s hardly an attitude that gets anything done. it was people with attitudes like yours that nearly made dailies a permanent thing

Dailies died their well-deserved death after barely a handful of weeks because it was immediately obvious they weren’t working to CCP’s plan. Asset safety is well into it’s second year because it’s doing exactly what the null-blocks wanted it to.
How long did it take CCP to nerf jump fatigue into something reasonable?
A.S. is wrong and needs to go but decrying a good move in the right direction because it’s not perfect seems shortsighted. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

you mean to a point it will no longer do what it was intended to…

Needs a step down before going away. Since we’re not going to have npc stations anymore that players can control when that happens there is no more reason for A.S. beyond “you can’t actually access any of it” possibly due to it being in a player station that won’t let you dock. Outside of this magical occurrence I wouldn’t consider A.S. as necessary anymore when the player NPC stations goes away.

What were dailies exactly?

I’ll do you one better. When a Citadel is being moved then the cost should be entirely with the owner of the structure. After all are they able to take taxes, and when they decide to move then you don’t really have a say in it. So you shouldn’t have any cost at all (and you still have to spend enough time and cost on moving your stuff afterwards).

Or ask yourself: when somebody sets up a structure, takes 0% taxes, but then decides to move it because of a war dec, then why should others pay for it?

Benefit: 0% tax, tether on undock, possibly a jump point or other situations.
Cost: Trust.

You’re not in control of the tax, the abilities of a structure or just the docking right. And trust is one of the most expensive commodities in EVE. … You can’t be serious, or did I miss your sarcasm?

No sarcasm intended. You have to trust they won’t change the tax, your ability to dock or otherwise access the structure in question, that it’s just long term bait for someone with an expensive freighter load of materials showing up who suddenly finds themselves under station guns and fighters, etc…

I’d understand it if all the assets are gone or drift in space when a structure is being destroyed. Not that this is currently the case …

What I don’t understand is why one player - the owner of the structure - should have the ability to cause a lot of other players a massive bill for no good reason.

"no good reason"

Yeah, you don’t have a good explanation for it either. You’re really just agreeing with me in your own “special way”, don’t you?

Reasons do not always give you the answer you want. You want one person to not have control over your stuff in a station then don’t put your things in their station.

Maybe they do it for S&G.
Maybe they do it because you annoyed them in the past.
Maybe they do it because at some point in time you actually shot at their ships and they get their revenge.

“No good reason” is basically “I disagree with your reason”

I’m well aware you cannot give a good explanation when you don’t have one, but at least admit it to yourself.

Do you realize that attackers first have to wait for timers, fight off defenders and go through a lot of hitpoints to cause you the bill? I mean if one would take your response serious then attackers shouldn’t need to have all this effort either, right? …

Sometimes I wonder if the search function is even used too.

And I wonder if you’re not just trolling me or if you’re just plain high.

So we go from


Good talk.

You do realise the owner has to go through several timers, spend a whole lot of isk, and convince you to use their structure to cause you a bill?
It’s not like it’s effort free for a structure owner either, and their structure is at risk in several ways.

So lets not pretend that the owner has nothing at risk, and that you can’t blow it up the next time they put it up in revenge either.