Please finish the implementation of asset security

You can remotely see what’s inside an asset safety wrap from the search window of your personal assets screen, but you can’t right click a wrapper and see what’s inside. Why?

Why can’t you contract wrappers to other people? Everything in the game can be contracted, even stuff like killrights, Not being able to contract wrappers breaks consistency.

Also let people remotely pay the fees. You are already paying the fine, delivery is delayed and your stuff is in the middle of nowhere, forcing people to take an interceptor trip just to contract some junk away doesn’t really add anything.

All in all the entire system feels half implemented. You can argue that asset safety should be inconvenient because it saves your stuff, but having a bad interface shouldn’t be a part of achieving that. Just increase the delays and fines if you want it to be inconvenient.

Yes I know you are going to suggest removing asset safety entirely, make your own thread for that.


Ohw and show people what the fee is before they fly there.

It’s like you already knew the answer.

I said make your own thread.

It doesn’t matter anyway, Asset safety isn’t going anywhere, it might as well be not half finished.

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