Null sec empire impounded

Hello… been away from the game for ooooh 10 years? Went to get back into it and turns out my corp went under and my entire null sec empire was impounded and sent to low sec. Talking billions and billions and billions. Multiple Capital ships and gods know how much misc. Does anyone know a simple/affordable way to get the crap back or am I totes screwed?

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I think you can Ask CCP nicely since it’s been so long.

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They may give it to you or make you pay to get it out of asset safety

Getting stuff out of assets safety costs dearly :stuck_out_tongue:

If we “Talking billions and billions and billions” the 15% market value fee of unwrapping from Assets safety (EVE Uni link) might be a substantial amount of ISK…

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Hit alt-t. Search wrap. Travel to the station where it was delivered. You’ll have a new item in the inventory panel when you dock. I think you can pay the fee to retrieve item stacks individually instead of the entire wrap at once.

yea… tens of billions just to unwrap it.

File a support ticket and explain your situation. Ask nicely if it could be moved for you.

I guess just an opinion question - why should you be able to get all your stuff back for free?

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Because this guy was not around when the changes happened, I feel it’s unfair to dump 10 years of game changes into their lap like that.

yeah, maybe, but should leave stuff in NPC stations if you want safety.

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