Asset safety 20 days 15% 1 year - free, make bitter wets less bitter :)


Why not make asset safety free after 1 year or so ? Returning into game after long time, and then u realise u need to pay 15% of yours all assets ( in near future null stations will be changed into citadels) its too bitter i think.

CCP pretty please, make returns easy to our bitter wets. :slight_smile:

(Thufir-Hawat) #2

Great idea!!! CCP Go ahead:)

(yellow parasol) #3

Why not abolish the word “you”?
why not hand you everything for free and at the same time make sure you can not ever lose anything?

wow, your idea would make it so much easier for bittervets in nullsec, who already swim in isk anyway! i can see how they all will cheer and write letters of love to ccp for this! amazing! outstanding! what a brilliant idea!

(Sgt Ocker) #4

Are you serious?

There is one born every minute and here we have ours…

How is it you think this suggestion would in any way benefit “bittervets” more so than the average player?
Why is it you seem to think all older players of this game are “swimming” in isk?

I think this is a good idea as it would in fact benefit those who are sent on deployment, are forced to take extended time off due to illness, those who for financial or family reasons are unable to play for an extended time - It probably would be of little to no benefit to “bittervets” as they tend to stay subbed; you can’t disrupt the game if you’re not active…

(yellow parasol) #5

You’re totally right! CCP should definitely change the game for everyone, because of a tiny minority of people!

But why stop here? Why a year? Why not just six months? Three months? One month?

Why not remove it alltogether? :smiley:

Damn, what a great idea! Brilliant! Outstanding!

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #6

The fact that now when i log in i can actually get my stuff back is enough the fee is nothing really and we need more isk sinks

(Daichi Yamato) #7

Don’t null blocs have assets locked in eachothers stations? I wouldn’t be surprised if goons have assets stuck up in the north and did for a year or more or co2 having assets stuck for over a year. No they shouldn’t get them back for free, no matter how long it takes. You could be talking trillions…

(Sgt Ocker) #8

yellow parasol; I’m sorry (and prepared to take the consequences of my next comment) You are a moron, a forum warrior with no real game experience and an amazing ability to simply remove any real context to suit your own narrow minded view.

Lugh Crow-Slave; The fee is no issue for those with isk - I was thinking more of the average player who lives month to month (some of us do - even after 10 years) that for whatever reason is unable to play for an extended period of time.
Imagine (you would need to give away all but a few bil of your isk), you are in the military, you get deployed to somewhere for a year that has limited or no internet access - When you return the Citadel you had all your assets in is no longer there and you don’t have the isk to use asset safety - Do you start over OR just not bother logging in again? Eve is slowly bleeding older experienced players, why shouldn’t CCP encourage those few to come back? The “isk sink” value gained from this would be negligible, so that is not a valid argument.

Daichi Yamato; Yes they do and if they are forced for some reason to not login in for an extended period of time, why shouldn’t they get a “welcome back” from CCP?
I have assets stuck all over new eden but wouldn’t take a year off (without good reason) just to get them back for free - Not understanding the OP is ok.

(yellow parasol) #9

your opinion is pretty irrelevant. the best part is how you jump to a conclusion that lacks any connection to the topic, or to what i said. you calling me a moron is laughable. :smiley:

you want to change the whole game for a few. it’s not right, and it’s not going to happen. additionally, people will complain that it’s too long. it should be six months instead. then three. and then they will ask why it’s there anywhere.

you’re not honest, and you’re certainly not doing this for a few people you pretend to care about.

it doesn’t matter. this change benefits far more people than the few you guys claim. you’re a hypocrite, and this idea is DOA.

Have a nice day anyway. :slight_smile:

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #10

lol sounds like you are spending beyond your means then. the fact that you can get it back AT ALL is more than it used to be. that you decided to put all your eggs in one basket and are now have nothing is on you.

(Sgt Ocker) #11

lol sounds like you are spending beyond your means then.

Exactly why I said, “you (specifically) would have to give away most of your isk” - Rich players forget just what it is like. Like CCP you presume everyone who has been playing for a while is rich, the reality is very different.

You could ALWAYS get all your stuff back, only since Citadels has that changed.
Oh how quickly we (choose to) forget…

NB; I recently had a friend return after a 3 year break - “Many” of his assets were where he left them, some weren’t, his wallet was all but empty (40 odd bil “missing”) Support when contacted replied, he had been away too long and that they could not do anything to help - They did thank him for contacting support and said if he had any further issues to contact them again - He logged off and has not been back.

(Daichi Yamato) #12

Why cater to people who take 3 year breaks? There can’t be much in it for ccp for supporting players who make no payments for three years.

(Sgt Ocker) #13

So someone returning after a long absence wouldn’t benefit CCP at all?

Ok, we’ll just leave it at, players who have time off for whatever reason aren’t worth encouraging to come back…
There is no reason Eve needs more returning players, it certainly shouldn’t encourage them to play the game again…
If you can’t play for a while due to health, family or many other reasons - You’re not worth anything to CCP, you didn’t pay them while you weren’t playing, they certainly don’t want you to start paying them again because you want to return…

(Daichi Yamato) #14

You’re asking for special treatment. Very different.

Don’t be such a drama queen.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #15

Yeah… this is just the kindness and courtesy i need to encourage me to come back to a game i enjoy for its lack of forgiveness and brutal permanence.

90% of the time i quit for any extended period is because i have run out of goals. Returning to find all my stuff locked away in an enemy held outpost is reasonable for at least 2 times i returned. Having to work for things again is not a bad thing. It’s just like starting a new game+

(yellow parasol) #16

Don’t take his fake argument as a real one. it’s passive aggressiveness, written to imply that we don’t give a ■■■■ about what he adds afterwards.

(system) #17

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