Asset safety system seems broken

Why do people in for example 0.9 pay the same fee to recover assets as someone in 0.0 does? And why do people in 0.0 even get to recover their assets?

What about capital ships, should they not be covered by asset safety as well? Freighters in particular can have alot of stuff in them

Idk why this thread got locked. The other one was locked because of trolling. Maybe the moderators should kick out the trolls instead of locking threads they invade? I will open another thread later and hopefully the trolls are gone or there will be better moderators.

Because a structure is just a structure, your assets are just assets, and the security status only refers to the solar system and not to the structures or assets within the system.

Is this an attempt to reopen a thread, which just got closed?

He wants to be heard …


Please do not reopen closed threads. Thank you.