Criminal Timer Bug

Supposedly there is a Criminal Timer bug rumor floating around. If the rumor is in fact true shouldn’t any ganker exploiting the bug be banned unless they pay in full amount what they ganked back to the player that was ganked.

Check and mark your ganked kill mails people and find out if the bug rumor is true as well as if you were a victim of the bug being exploited by gankers.

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If you have a bug to report, please use the appropriate channels like then in-game “Bug Report” (F12 > “Bug Report”). And give a detailed description of how and when it happened and how to reproduce it.


Also… Don’t rumor monger.

And why would the gankers have to pay anyone back? That has never been how CCP conducts their affairs when it comes to issues with exploits.

I suppose that CCP might reimburse a ship if it died from someone else abusing a bug or exploit.

They do that, I know a player who get his ship back after CCP reinvestigated issue and admitted it was due to the bug. But it will take more than week to get their response so unless it was something pricy why bother.

Anyway, from what I saw on killboard and only based on that there must be some kind of bug because in no way can 11 t1 catalysts with -10.0 sec status kill 3x bulkhead freighter. 50k dmg with t1 catalyst is not right, even if that wasn’t gank facpo still kills the ship around same time concord would spawn (if delayed).

Also note, usually when CCP replaces a ship, it is hull only. They do not create duplicate modules nor do they eliminate any loot that dropped and was taken by others.

Also, CCP’s habit is to announce an exploit and state that after that moment anyone using it Will be punished. Unless the exploit is huge or game breaking, they will not punish those using it before the announcement.

As for the kills, I couldn’t find any where only a few catalysts killed a triple bulkhead freighter. Could you link the kills? I am curious.

Exploit or not, that one freighter was begging for it. 5.7 billion in cargo…

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