People using scipts to ninja loot

I know i better put some sunblock on for this post because i will be flamed but when i am suicide ganking in jita there are 2 people constnatly outside i strongly believe are using scipts to insta grab wreck loot and dock. there has been numerous reports of people not even seeing the wreck and the dude its already docked up with the loot.

I know scipting is not allowed but how to prove it?

Haha suicide ganker complaining about unfair mechanics.

Idk man, maybe file a ticket or something?


Years of ganking have dulled your senses.


send a mail to if you believe they have scripts. or make a petition. that is all

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:open_mouth: How terribly unsporting of them! That’s YOUR loot, after all! lol Salted irony is yummy

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You will never get loot on the undock unless you have a good ping or are running scripts. Enjoy jita life or go somewhere else and gank.

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This thread brought a smile to my face, thank you.

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@OP: the only thing you can do is record as much factual information as possible and submit it to CCP via a support ticket. You might also be able to email it to, but I’m not 100% sure on that so hopefully someone else will be able to clear that up.

He isn’t complaining about unfair mechanics. He’s asking how to detect cheating.

Cheating isn’t an unfair mechanic. It’s not a mechanic at all. It’s totally outside the mechanics and anyone doing it should be banned, no matter what activity it is.

Carebears can’t see past the end of their nose to see that cheating could also affect them at some point.

The OP would have been better off writing this instead:

There are two people in a system i strongly believe are using scipts 
to insta grab wreck loot. there has been numerous reports of people 
not even seeing wrecks after a ship is popped and these characters 
have already grabbed it.

I know scipting is not allowed but how to prove it?

Then the same Carebears crowing with glee in this thread would be all supportive of the same player, because they’d see just the issue and not who posted it.

That’s unfortunately, the stupidity of Carebears.


So…no irony? Dang. Sorry, it’s hard being stupid.


Seems pretty easy for some.

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Funny thing is: there is no way for him to tell if they are cheating or not. He might just miss the server tick in which the wreck appears. Others might see it sooner due to better connection or whatever.

If you did not understand that the first part of my first comment was there as a joke (Made even more obvious by the spacing between “the joke” and the only correct answer that could/should have been given here) you need some more coffee.


minor correction: it’s the mind of totalitarians. started a nice read regarding totalitarianism and it’s scary how their thinking, or lack of it, fits the description…

Report them.

All cheaters must burn in hell.

Schadenfreude however is allowed.


Where is your looter?

Specifically, where in the world is your looter? If they’re a long way away - say Australia - from the server cluster in the UK, then you’ll have about a second of lag between when the servers say you can loot, and when your client gets the message.

In that time, people closer to the servers have gotten that message before you. Global geography has a pretty unfair advantage in some aspects of Eve.

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