Players exploiting DDos attacs to steel loot from Incursion runners

Then this happend: After a massive DC, (possible DDos) TDF Incursion community lost around 14 ships that got disconnected in a TCRC site. After logging back in the site was swarmed by pilots (most from BRAVE Collective) stealing loot from the wrecks on grid. Seriously guys, this is NOT ok.

CCP will probably reimburse the pilots for what was lost, but they do not usually reimburse loot that was dropped, so this is loot that players will not get back. We had pilots that had saved for weeks upgrading their ships, many of them can not replace this with what’s in their wallets, so this could be game over for some of them (incursion ships can be as much as 5-6B ISK).

So, is this how it’s gonna be now? People exploiting DDos to steal ISK from other palyers?

BRAVE stealing loot from DDos victims

EDIT: Screenshot show only those pilots that was killed on site by the rescue party trying to save the remaining loot…

Since when did looting wrecks become not okay?

Sucks for them. Don’t fly what you can’t afford to replace.

Do you have any proof those players were “exploiting” a DDOS? Or are you just mad because someone was able to snag some good fortune and make a quick buck?

So you think it’s ok for players to get “good fortune” from DDoS attacks, that are probably initiated by players that want to ruin the game?

I mean, who’s to say that these players aren’t the same players that carried out the attack? I’m not saying I have proof of them doing it, but if people think it’s ok to “make a quick buck” from these attacks, that creates an incentive for people to do DDoS attacks.

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Do you have reading problems? Clearly I didn’t say that. Try reading my comment again.

Who’s to say they are? Sit down with your whining.

“Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose” (whether isk-wise or mentally) seems like it may apply…



Cool story bro.

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How are you going to DDOS a specific group of players who all live in different locations in the world? It’s like you don’t understand how a DDOS works or what it even is.

If suddenly your voice coms would have gone down and this would happen several times you ran into the same people who then took advantage of your downed coms then that could be a DDOS. What you’re describing is nothing of the sort unless you all live in the same home.


You do not target players during an Denial-of-service attack, you target the server, or in case of EVE, the node that the current system(s) are installed on. Maybe you should read some books or something instead of making a fool of yourself.

I’m saying it. I’m also saying you’re an idiot.

And yet… the players who “tuk yer st00fz” did the attack in order to take your piss-poor drops instead of something worth attacking a server for - a server they would also not be able to get into in order to take your stuff?

Nice tinfoil hat you have there. Maybe lay off of the drugs though.

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If they did that they’d also go down, so it wouldn’t work.

That’s not how that works

You just did.

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It worked just fine, as the server where back up when they started looting the wrecks.

In computing, a denial-of-service attack ( DoS attack ) is a cyber-attack in which the perpetrator seeks to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users by temporarily or indefinitely disrupting services of a host connected to the Internet.

stop talking please…

What is your plan? Ban people who loot wrecks?

How are the looters supposed to know who DC’d because of ddos or their own internet or had to log out due to real life emergency?

You should perhaps put more thought into this.

Those users being a group comprised of “the users” which - this may come as a shock but try to keep up here - include the players looting the wrecks.


Not everyone lost connection and some people had more difficulty logging in.

Looting isn’t an exploit.


So they dunked the whole server in the hopes on being online quicker than you, to get some random loot. Because that actually works and makes sens… oh wait not it doesn’t. It’s a dumb thing to state.

Us players don’t have access to the specific nodes or their IP because the nodes are all in the server location so it’s an internal IP. You can’t somehow DDOS through the whole main server IP, break through its firewalls, enter one specific node and then somehow blast that. You’d nuke the main IP by doing that which brings us back to “DDOSSing the whole server for them to try and steal your loot after they magically were able to log back in before others did is the dumbest thing ever heard”.




I am pretty sure the exploit was “oh look, stupid people flying expensive ■■■■ during ddos. We wait and see.”


hahahaahhaahhaahhahahahahahahaah this is a complete sentence

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Nope. This is 100% ok, welcome to EVE. Nobody gives a **** about how much you suffered to save up and buy those ships, loot is loot and the looters just got rich. Maybe next time you should stop being terrible at EVE and remember one of its most basic rules: “never fly anything you can’t afford to lose”.


Wait, is this now a thread where the farmer trash is seriously attempting to suggest that players committed serious felony crimes just to get some imaginary spaceship loot?