Idea for fixing botting

One can only speculate why so many people in here are so busy finding problems for fixing botting, instead of looking for solutions.

“You’re going to pay their salary” is an hilarious comment to make, as if we should accept bots because it would simply be too expensive to get rid of them? Are you ■■■■■■■ serious? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

I would think most see proposals that are childish and annoying and will cause people to get a bot to fill in the captcha.

I agree CCP should create a dedicated team of automation fighters that take on botting in a professional way. Not in the weird and inefficient ways you and the other kids propose.

Don’t mistake ideas for being inefficient or childish, because you cannot seem to comprehend them. Having a background in computer science and with running multiple large scale community websites, i can tell you that captchas are absolutely a viable solution to getting rid of bots. You guys talk about “just having a bot filling out a captcha”, while automating handling randomized captchas is a FAR more challenging task than setting up an EVE-bot, which can literally be done with pretty much any OCR-capable macro-software.

But you are probably the ones who are right though. Google, Facebook, Blizzard, EA etc. have all gotten it wrong man - captchas dont work!

Not having a background in computer science and no experience with running multiple large scale community websites, i can tell you that a captcha is used for ACCOUNT CREATION issues and will not just work in other circumstances. I will stop debating here as you are clearly trolling.

If only CCP implemented a captcha before every post reply… I hope they implement that… I really do but they know it will stop people from posting and not counter botting. Anyways, dream on, your solution DOES NOT APPLY. And with your background come up with better strategies and inform CCP.

We all know its not gonna happen, that would require effort.

Given CCP´s history id say we´re probably getting captchas.

Captcha/ click “ok” would be circumvented within days. And annoying AF. Youtube already tried that.

Best “fix” would be to make content less repeatable/ more interactive/ challenging. On scale from 1 to 10 mining is a 0 and some anoms you can hit 3 buttons and go afk. If pve was more like relic sites, abyssal (or even DED plexes) there would be almost no bots. But then people would be unhappy cuz they can’t mine with 10 rorquals while watching a movie and cooking at the same time.


Captcha is not a one stop solution to automation, it works reasonably well in some circumstances but not in all. As previously pointed out it is primarily used for account creation/recovery and by filehosts, when used to interrupt gameplay it becomes a pain in the arse and drives legitimate users away.

That’s before we get into the accessibility problems with it, captcha being tougher on people that have issues with their vision, dyslexia etc than it is on bots.

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if ccp does not do anything it’s probably because the bots allow them to provide more daily player stats for the ad
currently there are probably more bots than players on the game
firing all bots and Eve online dies

You’re assuming that they do nothing, which goes to show that you have little idea how an investigative process works. I would hazard a guess that CCP watch reported accounts and analyse their actions in order to build up a profile of how the automation software is interacting with the client, as well as following where the isk ends up being traded outside of the game. They build up a case and “fingerprint” the software, then do mass bans rather than hit and miss bans that don’t really address the issue.

The bots are small fry, the RMT networks are where CCP loses money.

A real life analogy is the police allowing low level criminals to operate in order to take down larger criminal enterprises.

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Do you know how support tickets work? Have you read the EULA and Code Of conduct?
Do you see us report you every day on your behaviour and then post and repost about it? No, we have reported you once and will wait until CCP has the time to hold your hand and help you be a better forumposter.

It isn’t my problem your alliance recruited a duplicitous person.

there’s still bots in eve in 2018? you sure you’re just not seeing fleets ignoring you?

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It actually does. If everyone just stopped talking about it then it would likely be ignored.

This is my personal opinion the only way you’re going to limit botting itself is very simple which is not very simple the same time limit people have 3 characters per IP per computer

that would take a lot of technical background and probably a lot of money so it’s really not plausible right now with current technology to eliminate all botting unfortunately

the reason I said per computer because if you have roommates or a wife that plays you would have to be able to limit on a individual computer basis 3 characters especially with wireless networks it would have to be an IP based on the computer I mean I’m not saying there’s not ways to get around that too but it’s a hell of a lot harder to get around an ip-based three character set up and it’s would be so much more costly to do so most people would not even bother going out and buying the rotating routers and everything else that would be required you would almost have to have a rotating IP on your computer I forget what the cards called I’ve been out of the industry I’m working on computers for a minute

Botters will already be using VPN’s & VM’s to protect their true identity and therefore this would hit no botters, only real players.

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Damn right I wasn’t even thinking about virtual machines with virtual machines that can pretty much basic themselves anywhere they could be sitting in Chicago but it could look like they’re in Zimbabwe basically I totally forgot about virtual machines because I don’t use them that often not anymore

yeah CCP can open them self up with the VPN thing for the Russians with that mess there I believe it was last February or something like

by allowing VPN for our Russian friends it really kind of screwed the pooch because like you said you could pretty much I behind a VPN and have 50 virtual machines going on one server rack in Siberia

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I didn’t mean to stop talking about it. Just keep it to the relevant threads and don’t spam open locked threads. That was what I find not contributing.

Per vpn you mean? So botters with VPN now have more right to play than someone multiboxing?

Good try, but again bots defeated your solution. Many people left, CCP ends up with bots only.

If they could limit the connection to three characters will there be a VPN or regular connection like most Americans use I think that would cut down on botting but I don’t know how that could be implemented I’ve been out of that side of the industry for a couple years I’m not real familiar with how the back bones to work anymore there may be a way

Isn’t it that bots pop right up after the banning waves as well? I’d be surprised, if those FW bots had adapted in any way. CCP bans manually, and if it takes them a couple of months, bot makers could simply ignore any attempt at detection evasion, bot away for a couple of months, transfer the ISK on time and get busted. Rinse, repeat.

That’s one of the two issues with the ban wave approach. Unless whatever CCP learns there is used to ban bots quicker in the future, all the research may be for nothing (other than probably interesting research - ey CCP, you guys should sell this data).

The other problem is the image that is created for players. Even if they know that CCP will eventually act and even if they agree with this method, having a bot in your face constantly for a number of months is disencouraging for many. That’s a real problem, even if it doesn’t lead to people accusing CCP of anything. Having players lose motivation due to bots, cannot be good for the game.

That being said, I think there were some pretty good news recently and I’m hoping we see effects and more updates soon. CCP announced that they’ll focus on market bots and also take ISK/stuff away from any other bot, if I recall it correctly. And this is the most important thing in the end.

If all the botting was for nothing in the end, this is what really deters botters. A ban, a new account, not an issue for someone who either uses botting for RMT or to gain advantage in the game. But losing all that and not making money or even having all botted assets (maybe even SP, maybe all their assets on all accounts) seized, is what really makes the difference.

I think it can work like this, at least certainly for non-RMTing botters: if CCP finds them and basically resets all their accounts back to sub 5m SP, seized all their assets and let’s them continue without a ban, they’ll really think twice. Aspiring botters will never know if CCP is onto them, but they know if it happens, they’ll lose so much more than just this one botting account. If this makes the round, all that is left to deal with are RMTing botters where the challenge is to understand and observe how they move in-game value to customers and then pressure the customers.

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