War against the bots (IDEA)

Just throwing out an idea.

What if new accounts had to do some sort of say 50 hrs of actual gameplay doing missions or the like before they can make isk from shooting Nullsec rats.

Obv some interesting law could be written into this and would be a chance to get new players on a longer learning curve but most of all I will stop seeing 2-day old botting accounts all through FRA I mean null-sec space.

It might be a terrible idea you tell me.

What about gameplay that does not involve PVE?

And if you are seeing bots why not report them. You get a notification if a bot is booted if it actually was one.

Clearly you do not roam null sec often ! there is literally 100s of bots most inside of 50 days old which means they are getting booted and new ones keep getting made.

Oh yeah… that is it… maybe you should apply to CCP to ban bots since you spot them… instantly.

As long as you don’t gate my gameplay because you silly krab wants to pve, or force others to pve

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English ?

Which word is giving you difficulty?

if the income ingame is not that much boring and will be more rewarding , there will be less bots for sure.

If anyone doesn’t mind doing 50hours of game play before doing what they really want to do it’s bots…

Meanwhile your blocking genuine new players and alts from accessing part of the game.

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You don’t stop botting by going after the bots; you stop botting by going after the people behind them. Remove the botters, and the bots will wilt and wither away.

How do you do this? Possibly by requiring players to tie their real-life identities to their accounts. That doesn’t mean that this information is made public, just that the developers have access to it. Right now, in this game (as in many others), it’s possible to play completely anonymously, without needing to provide any sort of info to be able to use full-featured accounts. Bots thrive in this environment.

Of course, going down this road has a host of its own issues, such as, well…Losing big chunks of your player base for one.

But you can’t truly combat bots any other way. You can never defeat a combination of VM and VPN. As soon as you take out a bot, a new one will take its place minutes later, appearing to come from a different computer in a different location. And any measures similar to what the OP proposed will just be automated as well.

It is.

What makes you think these can’t be botted as well?


Do not grossly inconvenience players just to have the most marginal of impacts against bots. There are simpler and more effective ways of mitigating against botting.

I just realized i don’t care enough about this game to answer any of these. Clearly none of you roam nullsec as you answers are nothing more than ohh don’t inconvenience my PVE. Bloody care bears the lot of you lol.

I don’t see how anything you’ve suggested would help you “roam nullsec” against bots better.

50 hours of game play sounds like a horrible idea because that would apply to everyone in a time span…so you want new players to not make isk for 50 hours just because youd think itll hurt bots…

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Or, instead of restricting which activities players can engage in CCP could fix PvE so that it isn’t just endless farming of the same menial task for as many hours as possible. That would be a win for everyone, legitimate PvE players get something interesting to do and the botters are shut down entirely.

It makes botting harder. Problem is, if you can get numbers of all the variables from procedural generation, you can bot the hell out of it IF you write a good bot. It does take a longer setup phase, and slightly harder for something like input detuning (intentional randomized sloppiness from perfect play) to reliably be done without blowing up the bot, but it’s possible.

“If you can write a good bot” is the key assumption there. In theory the perfect bot might be able to close the skill gap but nobody is hiring a team of full-time software engineers to make the perfect EVE bot. In the real world bots will continue to be rather crude input scripts that can only farm menial content where success is guaranteed. So the goal would be to make PvE complex and difficult enough that legitimate players can barely succeed at it and ship losses are common (though rare enough for a skilled player to make a net profit). In that scenario the skill difference between a bot and a legitimate player would put the bot far enough on the losing side that running a profitable bot would be effectively impossible.

My degree is in automation. It would be more of a challenge on the ways to read the client without telltale inputs if it logs non-command inputs than to automate any current non-pvp content, including abyssals.