Botting prevention: Display a captcha equivalent

I propose a simple solution to botting: display a captcha equivalent to people engaged in PVE with random intervals.

Whoops, you missed a Dscan because you were solving this and died because of it.
The first time that happens it kills PvE

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That is an easy problem to solve. You are invulnerable, cloaked and cannot take any action until the captcha is solved. You could make it so that this applies to all of a person’s alts at the same time for multiboxing people, to avoid accidents.

You could go the extra mile of blowing up the player’s (bot’s) ship if the captcha is not solved within x minutes (after a few warnings for new players). This is not really necessary, though. The system could be setup to progressively bring up more frequent captchas for bot-like behavior.

So… I can either… Sit there utterly untouchable… Or get blown up for taking a toilet break?
You really aren’t thinking this through.

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I’m amazed no one has thought of this before…

Oh, wait, welcome to ten years ago.

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How does this prevent botting? Seems like a poorly thought out idea from someone who doesn’t know much.

It will only prevent afk botting, obviously.

As for the taking a toilet break argument, dock up before you do.

What was the consensus from 10 years ago?

Maybe. Bad ideas are a reality of life. If this is a bad idea, it would be better to demonstrate why.

I mean captcha in an actual game in itself is extremely unorthodox. It is probably not going to happen. The thing is, I do not see any other way to prevent botting in any meaningful way. How do you prevent botting if bots can be constructed to be better than players in any in-game activity?

Captcha, a tool to prevent bots; which is easily solved by bots, in some cases they’re better at it than a human being.


CAPTCHA is short for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, and is not limited to a single system. It is a general name, and not all captchas are easily bypassable by bots.

As you are seeing today, a BAD idea. Honestly, if it were a good idea, CCP would have implemented it.

Something it often fails at.

and is not limited to a single system. It is a general name, and not all captchas are easily bypassable by bots.

Not all captchas are readily solved by people either, implementing a captcha system may disenfranchise the visually impaired amongst us that play Eve.

The current state of machine learning and AI suggests that some will be Turing compliant in the very near future; a little later than the year 2000 that Alan Turing himself predicted.

The solution to bots isn’t “let’s make the game more tedious for real people”

Huge -1 on this suggestion.

Oh, cool, a way to make botting absolutely mandatory. Well done.

Something like this?


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Hey that’s my line :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I do not have a camera on my computer or a microphone. Thank you for preventing me from playing. And even if I had, I really do not want CCP or AWS or any other service (yet) to have that kind of data from me.


The Bots do it better again.