A Simple Fix to rid Eve of Relic Bots

I see a massive rise in Relic bots again. Bloody things.

So how about a captcha test on the first can in a site. You have a couple of goes to get it correct but if you fail all cans in the site explode. The test should eliminate all the bots from being able to extract any ISK from exploring.

How about no.
Captcha checks are terrible. And bot solvable these days anyway.


Oh for Gods sake.

A captcha type test. I wish people would suggest things other than say no no no. It really rubs my rhubarb.
Bots are a menace. Suggest something constructive other than no or do not post.

Even better, if you fail the test the cans are fine but the ship explodes :grinning:

I do like that idea. That way the site is available for someone else to try.

I raise this topic because I am not an explo but I do see around 5 to 10 bots a day. I report them but it takes a good two weeks before they are removed. I am always in the wrong ship to catch them and kill them as well. They are incredibly quick and agile in terms of catching so they really are a pain in the arse.

No, there is nothing constructive to post on this topic.
Anything related to captcha checks is a terrible idea in an MMO. Especially in relic & data sites where hunters often wait to ambush people.


All I can say Nevyn is that you must be a bot user. If you cannot see the aggro bots are causing then you are part of the problem.

No. This is a terrible suggestion.

  1. Captcha and captcha like tests do not work and are not fit for purpose.
  2. There’s no good argument for making the game more annoying for legitimate players.

Only legitimate players are actually affected by your suggestion. Bots will automate through it, so only real players will actually have to deal with it and it’ll be a detriment to their gameplay.

This is the 90s DRM of bot control.


You don’t have to be a botter to not want terrible “fixes” ruining the game for everyone else.

Nor is your classic ad-hominem a valid refutation of his comments.

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Ah, and there comes the classic ‘anyone who hates a captcha must be a bot user’.
While addressing nothing about the point.

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If the idea is a non-starter then the only thing to say is ‘no’. And i agree captcha’s are non-starters.

Anyone is free to reject the idea and no one is obligated make a suggestion to improve the OP.

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You know what I consider a bigger menace? Player leeches who salvage and steal wrecks from Invasions without contributing anything to the effort of either side. Bots you can at least report and get banned. These players, however, are immune to that.

As for the limited tries to remove bots: That will not impact them at all. They only go for the most valuable containers and leave everything else untouched. Even if a site had a limited number of tries until it explodes, the bots have these tries and then some because they do not hack all the containers anyway.

What really fixes botting is a better staffed and equipped Security Department at CCP. Their efforts, according to their data, has shown some significant impact on botting in recent months. That shows that CCP just needs to invest the necessary man power to improve the situation.

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If you’re leaving valuable material in space for anyone to come grab, that’s on you, not the folks grabbing stuff.

If they’re salvaging your wrecks, salvage them first.

If they’re stealing your loot, shoot them.

If you’re not willing to do those things, then you don’t deserve the wrecks.


So let me get this straight. There are bots that can navigate through systems, scan down relic sites, play the hacking minigame, and grab the loot?

First off that is impressive IMO.

So if someone can make a bot do all that, is it really the case that they see a captcha like check they are gonna go “OH NO”

Seems to me if someone can make a bot that sophisticated, they can make it to circumvent a captcha check.

How about this:

  • CCP implements a more effective anti-botting system and makes the ‘Report Bot’ option more accessible
  • People who continually suggest ‘fixes’ that would ruin the game for everyone else (and don’t take no for an answer) have their suggestions implemented but only against them, to show them how dumb their ideas are

:red_circle: Nice talk but you missed the point completely. I’m not interested in the wrecks. Salvaging takes too much time that I want to and can spend doing other thing. The mere fact that these worthless leeches do it and not contribute anything else to the effort is what irks me.

So…you can’t be bothered to salvage a wreck, but it irks you that someone else does?

Oooookay then…


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For a comprehensive discussion of ■■■■■■■ stupid “solutions” to address botting in EVE, please see Brewlar Kuvakei’s “Anti-Botting + Moderator Corruption” CSM15 campaign thread.

Not a viable solution to implement an unbottable captcha style test, especially if it’s not authenticating directly to a CCP controlled server. Because if all it needs is the auth token sent through a semi secure channel like the client, that’s trivial to fake too.