Brewlar Kuvakei bringing an end to botting & game moderator corruption

Proposing my tenure on the council.

Single issues above all else for proposal, no further input required on any other subject until these core issues are resolved.

A) An instant End to botting.

  1. Introduction of proper account registration, verified by legitimate email address.
  2. All accounts will require a Visa/Paypal/Master Card registered account. Piggy backing upon their security like most other reputable digital corporations already do.
  3. Elimination of static PVE & introduction of CAPTHA or non/poorly automated PVE.

B) Complete overhaul of in game moderation.

  1. A focus on developing the current game moderation team.
  2. An increase to GM manpower.
  3. Transparent in game moderation ie, all reimbursements published for peer review.

My Eve Online Story,

I’ve played Eve 10+ years, I am not affiliated with any bloc power. I donate a fair bit to Plex 4 good,
I spent my early days ninja ganking, then moved to low sec to hunt DED runners, most recently I have dedicated time to market trading.

My Knowledge,

I’m experienced in hunting bots, I have extensive experience in market trading & the market UI. I am set apart from other CSM candidates who tolerate botting or do not regard it as a concern worthy of CSM members time because I do.

Why do I apply,

To rid Eve of GM corruption & botting
What can players expect,
Victory over the botting scum lords.


Vote for me if you despise botting & in game corruption which are both rampant in Eve currently.

Update folks,

It’s botter trash all the way down in the comments section folks so let us keep our eyes up high, right here. Vote for Uncle Brewlar & they will be purged in due course.


lmao, i’m sorry, what is this?

Are these things you can do as a CSM member?

I’m not sure if these are included in the job description of a CSM member either.


Single Issue CSM = No CSM.

This is gross naivete at it’s finest. Don’t you think if the solution were so straightforward it would have been implemented already? We’re talking about people with advanced training, education, and experience in security along with consultants they might enlist to help them address these issues. CCP isn’t stupid, the problem just happens to be complicated by its nature. As a software developer and IT professional with networking/security certification myself, I can tell you that upfront your suggestions are wishful thinking.

What does this even mean? The last time I checked Gmail was free and registration/access was instant.

A free virtual credit card service can be used to generate infinite virtual credit cards to bypass this restriction easily. You can also create infinite PayPal accounts, each using a different virtual credit card if necessary, using different free email accounts. To avoid actual charges, the virtual credit cards can have $1 one-time-usage limits so they basically won’t ever be charged to your actual bank accounts. I do this all the time for various services (not EVE) I need to bypass without using or reusing my actual card. The interesting thing about this is that this is actually legal - even the virtual credit card companies explicitly permit you (per FAQ) to create fake billing information (fake name and address) and it will register the transaction just fine.

Introducing CAPTCHA isn’t going to address the bulk of botting. This is going to have a superficial impact at best. It’s very easy to bypass this, especially since botting in EVE specifically actually has more human involvement than botting elsewhere.

GMs cost money, don’t enhance gameplay, and don’t generate revenue or save money. At best they’ll save a handful of players from ragequitting, but not to the extent that they cover their own salaries. CCP can and should hire more volunteer mods but that’s about as far as it goes - they’re not going to bankrupt themselves by hiring more GMs to address grievances when the people who get banned will just create new free accounts and bypass all the restrictions you mentioned with the methods I’ve described. (Most account action is in the form of temporary bans of are limited to forum bans rather than game bans or total bans)

  • This is a gross violation of privacy. The names can’t be made anonymous because it is not difficult to discern who is being referred to. CCP’s current policy of silent, non-publicized action is best precisely so that nobody knows who was being punished because they didn’t even know a punishment was being delt out
  • This is an epic waste of time to have players evaluate actions when they could be playing the game. Do you really think players want to join a committee where all they do is look over case reports and say “oh yes, I think mods did a fine job giving this player a 10 day ban on the forums for saying the n-word”

Botting can be addressed by making mechanics changes to the game that are inherently unfriendly to botting while being friendly and amenable to players actually playing the game, and by employing sensible technologies (email and payment verification are not sensible). Moderation can best be addressed by enlisting more volunteer mods and having those mods be more aggressive than they are now when it comes to utilizing the ban hammer. That’s it. And all we need to do for CSM to take action on this is to tell them that this is what we want. Any CSM member reading this will take action on this. We don’t need someone to waste a trip of Iceland just to stand for that which could have been typed up in one page.

CSM is supposed to talk about changing the gameplay experience - all of the sessions are going to revolve around PVE, PVP, Wormholes, FW, Nullsec, Capitals, NPE, all of that - your presence would just be consuming breathing air if this is the only thing you intend to constribute to CSM. Do what the rest of us do: influence CSM, but don’t take up a valuable CSM slot with such a childish platform.


do you have a campaign video?

Hahaha. Introducing CAPTCHA is hilarious. You know there are CAPTCHA farms that solve those remotely in real time, right?

CAPTCHA isn’t even fit for the purpose it was designed for, it’s not capable of validating anything.

Your solutions are hare-brained and absolutely a waste of a vote.


None of this even meets the requirements of what you are supposed to post in your campaign statement, nor anything a CSM could even do. You aren’t a software director giving out orders from on high. Apparently you didn’t bother to even read what the CSM even does, so I don’t expect any of us to read the nonsense you posted.


No, I do not, make me one?

-1 from me dawg.

This ain’t what CSM is for and seems to think CSM is actually able to make personnel decisions. This attitude belongs in an anime, about the student council, not in EVE.


CSM candidate decided to be a smartass with “make me one?” remark in responding to superficial comment above instead of responding to comprehensive critical feedback and legitimate concerns about platform. This behavior is beneath the station of a CSM member. CSM candidate also has faulty platform completely irrelevant to purpose of CSM and needs of community. CSM candidate should withdraw.


I will not, & I will be submitting application to CCP in due course.

You are a CSM candidate and you are asking another CSM candidate to make your video for you? I think it will be better if you make your own video so that you can show people what you are about.

Yet I can name countless reputable digital firms that use credit registration, moderation & CAPTCHA as part of their security, Google, Discord, Paypal, Ebay, Gumtree, countless government agency, Pokerstars, Tinder, Twitter, Facebook & the list goes on and on.

Absent is CCP because they really hate botting… right enougth. They hate botting so much they’ve previously been willing to give you a good ticking off the first 3 times you get caught. I’m surprised they never just bothered to issue a guide on how not to get caught next time. On top of that you have a GM team that is completely off the hook & applies rules on a whim.

It’s a no from me, dawg. Single-issue candidates have no place on the CSM, especially with ideas as asinine as yours.


They use it but that doesn’t mean it’s effective. I work for a bank, we use it, even though the risk analysis demonstrated it did not reduce risk substantially. Some decisions are about perception more than effectiveness. That’s why in the U.K. it’s not an acceptable method of validating a customer in the financial services industry from a regulatory standpoint, and we use the three factors process on top of captcha:

Something you know, something you have, something you are.

None of those is recognising shitty blurred bicycles on a tiny grid. Because it doesn’t do a damned thing, and won’t prevent mass registrations. It’s not even a speed bump at this point.

Credit registration is also not used for security. You can fabricate them, you can buy them on the black market. Nobody uses them for security. Nobody. They’re collected (sometimes this is mandatory, sometimes not) to encourage high conversion rates, nothing more.

Hell are you unaware that the U.K. government was trying to implement a credit card based proof of age on a nationwide internet content filter and security experts laughed at it so hard the plans were abandoned quietly last year? It’s dumb. It was dumb when the conservative government proposed it. It’s dumb when you propose it.

You’re not even wrong, mate.

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Oh well then no real objection to having CCP employ them then. As you say they’ll have a non effect. I feel different but as you say they have no effect you can, shhhhh now as no effect on you.

They have an effect. Development, maintenance, third party reliance, aggravation to the user. They have a literal, real, monetary and engagement cost.

So you’re suggesting CCP spend actual money on something that doesn’t even solve the problem you say you care about.

Tell me again why I should vote for someone who wants to waste money and time without actually making the situation better?

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You should go publish your results & email every other corporation employing these methods, i’ll focus on the one who does not & their blatant reliance on bot income.

Oh and just FYI there was botting in this game when a subscription was mandatory and every account did have a credit card.

Even if your suggestion did achieve what you suggest it would (and it doesn’t) then all you’re adding is an operating cost. A rounding error’s worth of expense to the larger botting operations. They’ll absorb the cost and continue.

If you’d thought your solutions through you’d know the game’s own precedent disproves your theory.


I’m not sure your poor understanding of the bandwagon fallacy is going to be enough to get you a free vacation in Iceland, to be honest.


Yeah because being a member of the CSM is clearly gonna provide reason to travel during a pandemic, go away. If the Pandemic is lifted Iceland is a £100 to £200 flight for me.

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