Brewlar Kuvakei bringing an end to botting & game moderator corruption

It’s not a Vacation to Iceland and it’s not free.

You pay for your food, you get to see a small part of Iceland (specifically an office building) and you don’t get a Vacation. You are working all day.


This dude just scored a triple-pointer :point_up_2: . VCCs would make this even easier if CC registration were to end up being required for Alphas.

Yet again, comprehensive counterpoints are not being addressed, only insistence on the fictitious notion that “big companies are using these technologies so that automatically means they’re good” even though their problems have not vanished at all whatsoever since these same technologies have already been circumvented. This is particularly true of Internet companies (ISPs, infrastructure, hosting) - they’re very much still plagued, and as a result so is the Internet as a whole… but CAPTCHA to the rescue, right?

A campaign video is only asking for immense ridicule on a massive scale. It’s not the kind of publicity you want. Do you want to emerge as both someone who didn’t get elected AND a laughing stock? Anyway, do whatever. The critical feedback in this thread honestly has been quite gentle and open-minded in light of the blatant absurdity of this platform and how unwilling you’ve been in responding to our concerns (something CSM members are supposed to do) or your unwillingness to adjust your platform based on our technologically educated feedback (something smart campaigners are supposed to do).



Straw man at no point has this game required credit card registration, nor for every account. EVERY account should be tied to a verified individual by Credit/Debit card check.

…this guy only reads what he wants to read… or ignores inconvenient truths… or rejects as false that which he doesn’t understand because he has zero grasp of IT fundamentals…

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Yeah I suspected he was like that because at no point has any Eve account other than CSM members been required to complete any kind of verification.

Essentialy Walter makes my point about sporadic & biased Eve game moderation really well.

I was talking about you :facepalm:


Can you point to examples of game moderation that are corrupt besides t20?

This game was subscription only for years. You’re wrong. Try again.

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Subscription does not equal a credit card, you noob.

Oh Brewlar… :confused:
Please stop, you are embarrassing yourself.

I have seen you be helpful in the past, and I myself have learned a few things from you (the whole EvE players never stop learning thing), but you’re “going off the rails” about this CSM election.


Fair play & a level playing maybe alien to you but not others nor me.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I. can’t. even.

Very well - then make yourself a campaign video if you are indeed serious about standing for CSM rather than just being upset about others running / CSM / game in general.

I am confident you could if you chose to.

Olmeca Gold got elected to CSM much based on their excellent campaign video, I would bet making your own campaign video would help your cause greatly as well.


I hate to tell you this, but if you did manage to convince people to vote for you, you’d be sorely disappointed, and so would the people who voted for you.

None of this is within the scope of the CSM. None at all. You would be utterly useless. And I mean utterly. All of this falls into business decisions, and CCP do not bring those to the CSM.

Well, I guess this might fall into the remit. But you have no details. People cannot tell what you think would work from this incredibly sparse post. At the very least, introducing CAPTCHA into PVE, well, anyone who thinks that’s a good idea, should be nowhere near game design.


Steve tellin’ it like it is.

He’s not wrong, either. You’ve brought a personal vendetta wrapped as a platform and you’re about as effective as the guy in a stars-and-stripes speedo, wrapped in a flag, smelling of beer, and yelling ‘FREEDOM’ from the top of his lungs while he’s arrested for a DUI. Wrong message, wrong audience, wrong place, wrong time, just… wrong. Not just factually incorrect or misguided, but completely operating from a place of ignorance about what the CSM’s job is.

Now, on that latter point, maybe that’s our fault? Perhaps we haven’t done a satisfactory job explaining, on video, in layman’s terms, what the CSM’s roles and responsibilities are… despite a website dedicated to this, published CSM minutes, CSM members making themselves eminently available, and … no… wait… there’s video, too.

Sorry man, I guess this one’s all on you, Brewlar.


With campaign like these I feel like I could start my own.

All it will have is: VOTE Kane for a brighter EVE Future.

And that will be it.

I think I stand a good chance.

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I’m not convinced, Brewlar. Sorry.

Steve and others have already covered why this isnt within the remit of the CSM.

I would like to ask you why your entire platform is about something that by CCPs own numbers generates a faucet of 50B per day.

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CCP GM are aware of bots that are obtaining 50b isk per day & not stopping it? Clearly a matter for internal security please forward your finding.

If you think Botting as a whole accounts for only 50bn isk per day you are deluded. Why are you peddling the probot agenda?

I really think you should make a proper CSM Campaign video detailing all these points you have made here in this thread.