Brewlar Kuvakei CSM XIIII (2019)

Consistently championing the causes that matter. Frequently proposing the most needed & supported game changes & predicting correctly inevitability & occurrences time & time again.

Allow me to voice your opinion while I stand on the CSM. Our will be voiced through me, Brewlar Kuvakei. You will be voting for EVE’s no.1 dedicated player to the sandbox. Stand with me against botting & game moderation corruption in which I have the most visible & determined stand.

The hard hitting issues spearheaded time & time again in a relentless fashion. These changes are inevitable but we must never, ever give in until the desired & predicted change has occurred. Vote here with me today & be EVE onlines future.

For a fair unbiased sandbox,
Local removal & botting

Publishing of reimbursements,
We still need to fight hard and have CCP publish each month who got what and why because we know it is unfair to hide such freebies to pet players.

Unfinished & predicted failed content due to lack of support
Siphon Units,
Station Environments,

Game changes and predictions spearheaded by myself,
The fall of EVE gambling,

Looking at the problems today and fixing them today not years down the line while draining CCP’s revenue & our game investment.

Vote Brewlar Kuvakei for a hard hitting player determined sandbox.
I stand unaffiliated with any alliance but as a representative of all EVE players except botters.

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