Bots legalize it

Its has always been there and will never go away. Its apparent in the market hubs, local chats, recruitment channels, anomalies, mining, ratting, haulung, even plexing.

For 10 years you guys havent been able to remove them. How about just making it available for all players. Player Controlled Characters that mine, plex, and do all the things bots do.

For a additional fee, allow me to subscribe my alpha account into a bot account. Or something of that nature. But just like bots if thehre killed they need to generate a killmail. This will also populate some very empty areas in the eve universe. It would generate additional income for ccp. As well as allow the players who actually follow rules another form of passive income.


Botting is like speeding, the majority do it, the minority follow the rules.

The rule still needs to exist to draw punishment on those that take the piss & take it to another level or those that can’t handle it & cause a wreck.

Doing 10mph over highway is like running an orca bot, blazing a market making tn’s with 24/7 market bot is like doing 100 mph in a school zone.


Prepare to be flamed by pretty much everyone :slight_smile:

That said, if there were a way to make more ‘active’ game play, that was not ‘bot-able’ (good luck) significantly more profitable than a passive game play … then maybe?

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If you are botting to just sub an account you’ll likely get a time ban. It used to officially be a 3 strike rule but now CCP say they are sometimes less lenient but from what I’ve seen 3 strikes seems to still be the policy.

Have to break it to you, if you don’t like botting Eve is not the game for you. N+1 has been the meta for at least 5 years and nothing n+1’'s as good as a bot.

Null leaders are the biggest boters. They need it to fund their alliance and soverienity.

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Indeed every major null sov alliance has a botting backbone.

N+1 has been the meta since at least 2010.

There is radical change that could eliminate bots. All PVE farming activities should be AFK, PvP should be about battles for this AFK activities. All players would have to PvP constantly to stay at their level of AFK income.

I think null is a great place for experiments, I propose the region that is infested with bots to commence the experiment.

For pvp fleet, I mean the deeper economy & the release of skill boosters to facilitate n+1 botting and is boxing.

That region is tq, we allready have that. What are you talking about?

I am thinking specifically about Vale of the Silent, FRT place. There could be kind of system pioneered on the borders of it, that could spread. Taking from invasions mechanics that were in high sec, plus afk extractors of many kinds, replacing current sources of income.

No, let me say that again, NO…

developer fights bots, but he doesn’t mind the violence spreading in every aspect of the game … interesting, right?

CCP doesn’t actually care about bots. They pay lip service to their playerbase but in reality CCP makes too much money off of bots to really take a hard stand. It would be really easy for CCP to remove botting with the ESS mechanics but per usual CCP PANDERS to the bots instead, allowing them the luxury of not having to defend their space because the ESS takes an insignificant amount of isk.

CCP is as corrupt as they come I’m afraid. It’s no different than Blizzard or GGG “wE cAnT bAn BoTs ToO fAsT oR tHeY’lL aDaPt”… RIIIGHT I’m SURE that’s TOTALLY the reason CCP waits until the financial quarter has conveniently ended to ban them.

PS: Vote for me for CSM and I’ll bust the bot scam wide open.
PSS: We honestly should be suing CCP for fraud

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Sure, why not. And throw some lootboxes in it too while you’re at it.

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CCP eliminated 95% of ratting bots with black out which was immediately reversed when CCP realised 60% of their baseline subs were bots.


Whether you agree or disagree with botting. Making it a permanent feature in the game could open new content and play styles. Just as the npc mining fleets did.

I would be ok with “CCP”-Bots if every single isk they earn would be transfered in a random vault in the region with sov (so only 0.0 bots allowed for pvp reasons, and only sov holders are allowed to install bots). After 3 days all gathered isk will be hauled by a npc fleet from the vault to a random structure in the region.

IF it arrives the botting player gets 50% and sov holder gets 50%. If its killed the killer gets 100% as bounty and the sov holding alliance has to pay the bounty :wink:
Better defend your bots or pay :wink:

You dont get your existence cancelled for speeding.

Careful there’s alotta ice caves, fissures and holes in Iceland.

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