Idea for fixing botting

Just need to put in game gms on the payroll. Have them start special convos with people they seek out that really take priority on the screen then judge them based on responses if any. Obviously a gm is not going to start this convo with someone who is in danger or pvping etc.

Sounds like a comfortable job, can i have it?

I have extensive experience in dealing with bots and indepth knowledge of eve mechanics

I speak two world languages and one third world language

Im a european citizen and i hold a degree in agriculture

CCP call me

ccp has licensed gm of all languages except English.
it is clear that ccp wants to leave its customers

is a joke ?

1 mont i report the same bots ! i use your security email + ingame report 2 3 times per days by all my corporation + many ticket and you do nothing…
CCP it will have to find another speech it starts to turn around your story

the more time passes and more CCP shows us that they are no longer able to manage the progression of bots so they punish players who pay a subscription …

Reporting doesnt work

Ranting is all we have

it does work; you must understand that CCP does not give a reply to the reports on what actions are taken, and it takes time to investigate each report.

Which is against the rules…

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don’t work i can proove. i report same fleet since one month + ticket + mail and all these bots are again here

GM, dev, isd come now ingame invite me and watch the system, watch your error

When you have reported them there is nothing more you can do but wait, it’s then up to CCP if they want to take action, based on their investigation, and when they will do that.

If you feel they are such a nuisance, you are free to take what ever action you want to, within game mechanics as you would against any other player.

action need one month is a joke ?!?!
stop close post and come ingame !!

stop to close the posts it is useless come rather make the household ingame will be more useful. and the post will not be open anymore.

Only CCP employees and GMs are able to take action, which you have already reached out to. Nothing more you or I can do about it!

yes but ccp and gm do not want to do anything.
one month i send ticket and more and they do nothing. same fleet in same system bot since one month
they do not listen to us
they threaten us with ban in private
the only thing we can do is talk about it here but they censor us and close our posts

My experience in dealing with bots over the last few months tells me that reporting is not effective. Every bot reported and banned is replaced immediately.

Im not gonna sit quietly and observe the death of my beloved eve


yest but i can’t do more because GM send me private message if i continu I would be banned

CCP killed dust
CCP killed Nova
CCP will kill eve online too


Taking immediate action is a double-edged sword; while it does remove the issue here and now, it also provide the Bot-makers more data on how they can improves their Bot-software so they can avoid detection much more easily for the next version. This is why big companies ban in large waves.

CCP prefers to punish the players and let the bots play and make money. It’s logic…
Maybe bots belong to ccp to keep a stable economy

Such is the normal behavior of a player that is only interested in “Cheating” their way through a game. Unless you change the behavior of the person behind the player it will not change much of anything. Only when the cost of buying/playing the game exceeds the benefits it brings, then it will start to have an effect.

I send the threats received in pm to the video game press as well as all the screens of my tickets and the degrading answers of the gm who answered me on behalf of ccp

If only this game didn’t have over simplified PvE mechanics that are so easily automated.

But I hear, the PvE mechanics are all the rage around these parts. So much excitement.