Event Feedback - Operation Permafrost

You know, it would be less of a disappointment if the loot and even the salvage was better. Not just from hacking but also the regular loot.



OR they go back to what they had with the earlier events where unless it was event specific there was no loot or salvage. Big timer saver for everyone.

Can you point to a source, or are you just sarcastic about it?

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And even assuming it’s true, I’d rather have 3 very good and well designed events per year than 6 mediocre ones.


forum noun [ C ] (MEETING)

a situation or meeting in which people can talk about a problem or matterespecially of public interest:

a forum for debate/discussion

where the feed back CCP we are ignored in pets and ignored in the forum… are you truely that disconnected to your paying customers that you honestly feel ignorance is the only way to go??
Time to man up and face your paying customers…

So far this ‘FORUM’ is lacking 2 way communication… CCP you need to stop burying your head in the sand in a hope we will go away… cause if we go away you’re all out of jobs… it makes no sense to ignore those who are providing the company with income, its a suicidal business plan… are you now being run by feminist extremists? Is this the new way for feminists to attack at men playing video games? infiltrate the company running said games and kill it from the inside out??? ffs please explain the business modal to us… explain it like we were all men!!!

I thought this was a Christmas event not an April fools day joke!


CCP FalconSenior Community Manager


If you’ve noticed bots in game, report them using the correct tools.

Don’t rant on the forums, it’s against the rules.

Hardly ranting… this is called having an opinion… censoring opinion is disgusting

so you admit censorship and one sided attacks at players… man you should be fired for you’re clearly incapable of manage a forum, you dont seem to even know what forum means!

This is a forum for discussion between users, not for your rants.

It has rules that you are to follow otherwise your posts will be deleted.

sounds like you are an employee alt maybe falcon himself as you seem to be able to write in the same style as he is…and how fast after posting direct at falcon you replied to my posts :slight_smile: and no a forum set up by any community leaders like CCP are expected to participate in it… or why bother in the first place?

Further more this is an official thread started by CCP… that by default means they ARE able to reply but choose not too… they are still busy making fluff posts to preferred players and still committing disgusting acts of censorship… this goes against the very nature and purpose of a forum … which is to hear ALL sides of the discussion and not just one view point!

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The days you will make posts in the correct section, and follow the rule,s you may find the answers to your questions…

OK Falcon what ever you say!

It’s been 21 hours since you last posted but reply to mine within 3 mins of me messaging @falcon on another thread… don’t need to be a rocket scientist ti make this connection

Hell you are so up yourself you even think you know better than the official English definition of the word FORUM… go figure


True, is you deal with politics Null is so safe… may be controlled territories could be excluded from the event, leaving just NPC Null regions like Outer Ring… but you can be a wormholer (i’m a wormholer) and ger Extended that are equal to Advanced, slower but longer…

These are private forums that CCP owns, they have the right to make their own rules for conduct on them, to respond or not respond - as they see fit. We leave feedback and hope it gets noticed for future versions of game content like this. I have my own small beefs and have written them above, but I don’t hammer on them. At this point, they are very unlikely to make big changes to the Permafrost event.


I would love to agree with you but i have been told by CCP’s Lead GM Arcade in in private Petitions

In the mean time if you have any feedback about the in-game event it can be posted in the following forum thread:

Event Feedback - Operation Permafrost

I made a petition because i wanted an answer not a referral to go **** myself… if im reused the rights of a paying customer with pets i have paid for the right to get those answers here… how can you believe paying customers don’t have the right to complain or have those complaints addressed??
would you pay for a badly prepared meal in a restaurant then leave without complaining??? no… so pray tell what the difference is?

Frankly this stopped being about the terrible event and has become a topic about ignorance…

Why is it that not one of these issues as i raise them are followed with a reply that answers them??? beyond CCP can do what they like…

well the answer should be protection of consumer rights under International consumer trading laws…

Here you go - post #55. Feedback is being read. But there’s never any guarantee of a reply no matter how loud you get about your question. All we can do is wait for the next event & see what changes. It is a subscription service, so if you’re not satisfied with the lack of service at any time - you can move on to another game, meanwhile I’m taking a Gila back into the North room to see if I can get any more good loots…

Yes you are right… my bad… no patch notes were given and multiple post below it continue to complain of the same issues after they claimed to be tweeking the event… I guess we should just keep paying while we are ignorred while we wait to see if they are going to change the format in a few months after we pay even more cash to be ignored in pets and in forum at that time… great idea spoken by a person with too much money!

And frankly after paying for multiple accounts for over ten years, i have paid 10 times over for the right to a friggin answer! rather than being forced out of a game i have loyally played for a decade… what a terrible sentiment…

by the way just for reference post 55 you say? we are on post 674 3 days later wtf?

Your character is older than me, by 5 months :wink:

this is obviously an alt :smile: my main character was created May 2007 just after beta… i have felt the need on 3 occasions to bitch out in the forum…
However, this level of ignorance has never happened before… and frankly its a shame that within months of the news of a change of ownership of the game the 2 way communication ends…
Players can troll my posts if they like… that’s free speech in action, but if CCP refuse to communicate with us they will eventually Kill the game as the game is nothing without a community… and lets face it trolls get their kicks from upsetting others… does CCP honestly think that when the only players left are spiteful nasty trolls and botters that the game wont just collapse? its a suicidal business plan or a directed attempt to end the game

EVE isn’t going to shut down over an optional game activity. This is a limited-time event, the content and any perceived or actual bugs, disappears entirely in ~10 days.

Also keep in mind things like holiday vacations - CCP offices have probably been at very low staff in the last week before the holiday, and probably won’t be back to full activity until the new year.